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In-Game Advertising

Push innovation and reach a large target audience with non-disruptive, high viewability, and brand safe in-game ads.

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The Fastest Growing Digital Channel

2.9 Billion
Gamers Worldwide
1.6 Billion
Daily Players
Media Buyers Intend to Run In-Game Ads
7.5 hrs / week
Play Time Per Gamer
23.2 hrs / week
TV Watching Time
$18.4 Billion / year
In-game Ad Spend Forecast Within 5 Years
We are very satisfied with Eskimi and their in-game solution. Nearly 100% of the ads were seen by our target audience - only a few advertising platforms provide such high-quality placements
Kristaps Osis, Key Digital Transformation Specialist

The Ideal Performance Branding Channel

Grow your brand and reach your targets with efficient targeting, engaging creatives, and an ad format built for performance branding.

  • High Viewability & Attention
  • Premium Placements
  • Non-Intrusive
  • Brand Safe
  • Innovative Campaigns