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Boost the visibility of your campaigns to the maximum by getting premium placements and quality traffic.

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Publish adverts with no boundaries

The opportunity to approach publishers directly allows us to launch campaigns limitlessly. Use floating banners, screen takeover ads, or anything you can think of.

Choose specific placements

Eskimi has established direct relations with publishers - this enables access to the ad placements you’ve always wanted.

Get high-quality traffic

Partnering with superior traffic publishers means getting exceptional quality ad serving and increasing profit. We monitor all metrics closely to guarantee that they meet quality standards.

Enjoy perfect visibility

High-quality rich media, non-standard banners, good metrics and performance – all of these result in ad visibility increasing up to 80%.

Get access to exclusive creatives that drive brand awareness

Get non-standard banners

Reach potential customers within walking distance from your store, billboard or any other target location.

Get high CTRs with floating banners

Get better ad viewability by utilising keywords to show relevant ads based on the page’s content.

Get placements on publishers of your choice

Show your ads only during the specific time of days or dates that prove to bring the highest ROI for your brand.

Frequently asked

Reach out and we’ll answer the questions you have on your mind. We’ll try to respond within the next working day.

What is an SSP?

An SSP, or Supply-Side Platform, is a DSP's counterpart which connects you with the top publishers. Here your ads receive great visibility, premium placements and high quality traffic.

How many people could possibly see my content?

Through +45 supply sources, 2,5 million sites, apps, and SSP platform, Eskimi reaches more than 1,5 billion people worldwide.

Does Eskimi allow run all adverts?

In fact, yes. Eskimi even allows to serve alcohol, betting and tobacco ads and unmuted videos if they meet market rules.

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