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The opportunity to approach publishers directly allows us to launch campaigns limitlessly. Use floating banners, screen takeover ads, or anything you can think of.

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Eskimi has established direct relations with publishers - this enables access to the ad placements you’ve always wanted.

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Partnering with superior traffic publishers means getting exceptional quality ad serving and increasing profit. We monitor all metrics closely to guarantee that they meet quality standards.

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High-quality rich media, non-standard banners, good metrics and performance – all of these result in ad visibility increasing up to 80%.

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Reach potential customers within walking distance from your store, billboard or any other target location.

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Get better ad viewability by utilising keywords to show relevant ads based on the page’s content.

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Show your ads only during the specific time of days or dates that prove to bring the highest ROI for your brand.

Frequently asked

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What is a Supply-Side Platform SSP?

SSP is an AdTech platform used by digital media owners and publishers to manage their supply of ad inventory. Through programmatic processes, SSP helps publishers sell their ad space to a wide range of advertisers through automated auctions.

How does a SSP work?

It is a complicated, automated process that exposes the publisher’s ad space for purchase in a range of methods, through ad exchanges and networks, real-time bidding (RTB) auctions, and directly with DSPs. A publisher will put up their inventory for auction through SSP, and when a user views their page, DSP will automatically analyse and bid for their space based on the suitability of the visiting user through an ad exchange. This neither interferes with the loading speed of the site, nor the user experience as it happens within seconds.

What does a SSP do?

SSPs can be considered yield-optimisation platforms, as they are designed to maximise the revenue obtained from ad space by exposing their inventory to a vast array of potential buyers, automated to receive the best price. This both minimises wasted ad space, and maximises views, as they calibrate the most suitable ads for your visitor and page.

Why are SSPs important?

In today’s digital advertising landscape, SSPs are one of the principal and most effective ways publishers can reach advertisers and make profit. They guarantee the publisher a higher growth, optimise their control over their ad inventory and allow for more complex and illuminating reporting of the value of their inventory.

Do I need a SSP?

If you are any kind of digital publisher, SSP is an excellent choice for obtaining revenue from ads. It manages the volatility of the programmatic ecosystem, and will optimise the efficiency of your AdOps team, as it removes a huge amount of otherwise burdensome work from their responsibility. It is the best way to launch campaigns for both the publisher and advertiser, as it also refines your knowledge about the audience that visits your platform.

How do you profit from a SSP?

SSPs will maximise the profit yield you will receive from your ad inventory. The aggregation of multiple possible purchasing networks maximises the demand for your ad space, and with more refined reporting, you can better understand the value of your inventory, and set price floors accordingly. These automated and direct auctions sell your space at the maximum price, and minimises fill risk, as it will yield profit for inventory that otherwise may be left unsold.

How do you set-up a SSP for your company?

The best way to do this is to work with a company that runs its own SSP platform. Choosing this depends on your goals, budget, campaign strategies, and targeted audience. We have our own SSP here at Eskimi, and if you’re interested in using SSP, contact us and we will guide you through the entire process.

What is the difference between SSP and DSP?

DSP is the counterpart of SSP. Where SSP is designed for web owners or publishers to sell their advertising inventory, DSP is the other side of the coin, through which advertisers can buy ad space. They are connected through what’s called an ad exchange that facilitates the transaction.

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