Capture Audience Attention with Video Advertising

Get more eyeballs on your content and make customers come back for more by delivering effective video ads through an array of channels.

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What our clients say about us

We have finally found a partner who can provide us with sufficient target audience coverage for a reasonable price and the highest quality inventory. Based on our VTR, we can see that it’s substantially higher than the market benchmark. Besides, the campaign planning and launch model is simple enough to do in a multi-market environment.
Ievgenii Savchuk
Digital Marketing Manager
What we value most about Eskimi is that they’re willing to run experiments with us to see what’s really sticking with our audience. We’re always on the lookout for niche opportunities like CTV that offer smarter options for measurement and more control over who sees our ads and when.
Tihomira Dinkova
Digital Media Manager at PHD

A complete set of powerful video opportunities


Run your video ads through 40+ global exchanges and direct publishers.


Track and optimize your video viewability with OMID and VPAID technologies.


Track video performance with global third party vendors of your choice (MOAT, IAS, etc.)

Unique audience

Reach your target audience through CTV and in-game environments with your video advertising.

Customize based on your business needs

Choose from different video player capabilities - sound ON/OFF, skipability, rewarded and others.

Premium publishers

Run video advertising through premium PMP & Eskimi SSP.


Optimize towards completion and view though rate.


Recapture potential leads and customers and convince them to take your desired action.


Engage your audience with short but compelling brand stories served through video players on publishers' pages.
  • In-stream & out-stream
  • VPAID & OMID tracking
  • Skipability options
  • Advertise through direct publishers and global exchange
  • Rewarded & non-rewarded placements
  • In-read, sticky & floating placements available exclusively through premium publishers

In-Banner Video

Reach your target audience with in-banner videos using regular banner ad or display ad slots.
  • High scale
  • Track viewability & video metrics
  • Available through global exchanges & premium publishers

Rich Media video ads

Use innovative advertising formats like static or rich media video banners to grab people's attention and keep them engaged.
  • Interaction
  • Engagement rate tracking
  • Custom solutions representing your brand
  • Track viewability & video metrics

Floating video ads

Increase your video ad visibility with floating ad format that covers a small portion of the site's content and stays in view while people scroll.
  • Custom solutions representing your brand
  • Track viewability & video metrics
  • Available exclusively through premium publishers

Reach your ideal customers where they are

People tend to jump between different devices, channels, platforms – this is why advertisers must keep up with the emerging opportunities and explore different advertising environments.
Sites & Apps
Desktop & Mobiles

Video advertising in numbers

The number of internet users consuming video content is increasing every year and is projected to reach nearly 3.5 billion in 2023. This only proves that video isn't going anywhere – it's still expanding, evolving, and changing, meaning that marketers must also keep up.

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