Eskimi Certification Program

A two level certification program for media agencies and the general public where we teach programmatic media buying with the help of webinars and video material.

Certified Programmatic Partner Program

Eskimi introduces media agencies to programmatic media buying - what it is, benefits, how you can launch and track your own ad campaigns and more. The Certified Programmatic Partner Program allows media agencies to receive VIP training on the topic from Eskimi's team on two levels - basic and advanced.

Basic level

We teach you from the very beginning what programmatic media buying is, what are the benefits of it, how to set up your own campaigns and more! After you listened to the material, you are able to take the basic exam to enforce your skills and know-how and get your own certificate.

Advanced level

On this level we go way deeper into the processes of programmatic media buying. We teach you how you can upload complex creatives, such as video VAST tags, JS tags and create rich media. We introduce you to the core of Eskimi DMP, show you how to use the key tool for Telecom clients - Telco Dashboard - and more! To pass the advanced exam and receive your certificate, you are recommended to watch our Eskimi Academy videos after you've participated in the advanced webinar.

Eskimi Academy

Eskimi Academy has its own playlist of educational videos on Eskimi's Youtube channel. By viewing those videos you will be more ready for programmatic media buying, campaign setup and will learn things like what is optimization, how third party tracking works, how to implement a pixel with GTM and more!