Connected TV

Maximise reach and viewability with Connected TV (CTV) ad campaigns streamed directly to your target audiences

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So What is Connected TV?

The Future of TV Advertising. Today.

Traditional TV Advertising

Hard to Track Performance
High Entry Barrier
Larger Ad Budget Commitment
Shrinking Viewership

Connected TV Advertising

Real-Time Reporting
Democratized Access
No Minimum Spend
Rapidly Growing Audience

Connecting Advertisers & Audiences

Improved Targeting

Target by location, device, operator, app inventory, time of day, and more

Fully Immersive Experience

Automatic sound on enables advertisers to take full advantage of format

High Viewability

Many ad campaigns see up to 100% completion rate

Detailed Reporting

Create detailed campaign reports. Report on where and where your ad was seen

High Ad Tolerance

Viewers do not perceive CTV ads as intrusive as on other channels

Affordable Entry

Unlike linear TV, CTV through Eskimi has no minimum spend requirements

Optimization & Data

Get insights on your performance and use data to optimize campaign performance

2 for 1 Impression

Reach multiple household viewers for the price of one

Reach the Unreachable

Reach a younger harder to reach audience where they consume their content

What our clients say about us

We are very happy with our cooperation with Eskimi. They are very efficient in communication and quite helpful when it comes to understanding the needs that we and our clients have.
I am very pleased to collaborate with Eskimi's amazing team of passionate individuals who consider both creative and tech aspects of this business in an equal ratio to always deliver the best possible results to our demanding clients.
Our company has a great experience working with Eskimi. It is pleasure for us to have Eskimi team of professionals as our partners.
I’m very thankful and thrilled to be working with Eskimi. The only plan for our future cooperation is growth.
Eskimi does an excellent job starting from pre-campaign insights, campaign launching, optimization and campaign reporting.
We are very satisfied with Eskimi and their in-game solution. Nearly 100% of the ads were seen by our target audience – only a few advertising platforms provide such high-quality placements.
Eskimi solutions augment our marketing efforts and their creatives perfectly balance the art and science of marketing. Most importantly, they drive praiseworthy results and a stable ROI, which we can conclusively measure.
What we value most about Eskimi is that they’re willing to run experiments with us to see what’s really sticking with our audience. We’re always on the lookout for niche opportunities like CTV that offer smarter options for measurement and more control over who sees our ads and when.
The team at Eskimi has taken the time and effort to ensure we understand the platform inside out. Because of this, we were able to meet and exceed the client’s KPIs. Reaching the right audience has never been easier.

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