Telco Audience Targeting

Personalize your ads, win back lost customers, and acquire new SIMS using advanced Telco data targeting, offline attribution and migration tracking.

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Data and Performance Metrics from 15.2 Trillion Telco Data Points

Built for Win-Back and New SIM Acquisition

Win the Telco Wars with Data and Ad Creativity

We help telco marketers increase win-back, optimize customer retention and make acquisition easier by using market trends, data, and attribution across trillions of data points and serve personalized ads at the right time, in the right place.
Business Goal Optimization
Advanced Targeting
Transparent Reporting
Telco Segmentation
Unique Creative Formats

Enhance Segmentation with Data Stories

Create compelling, personalized, and highly engaging ads based on telco data and advanced targeting with 2.500+ different targeting options.
Interest Categories
User Lists
Device Type & Model
Telco Data
Socio-Economic Class

Calculate ROAS for new SIM acquisition with offline attribution

Reduce the uncertainty of your marketing spends. Measure new SIM purchases and new user acquisition even if they happen offline. Use Eskimi telecom DMP to gain insights on market performance, acquisition sources.

Best-In-Class Display Advertising

Advanced Targeting & Global Reach

Reach a large global audience with 2.500+ targeting options and 1.5B+ profiled across your display campaigns.
Interest Categories
User List
Device Type & Model
Telco Data
60+ Ad Exchanges
Socio-Economic Class

Global Ad Operations, Creative Services & Support

Reach your goals faster with our global spread across 30+ countries and 10 global offices. Take advantage of world-class creative solutions, campaign optimization and support.
Global Offices
4.7 / 5
G2 Customer Rating
2.4 hour
Average Response Time

Display Made Easy

Brand Safety

Keep your reputation safe with Eskimi or integrated 3rd party platforms as DoubleVerify

Advanced Targeting

Target 1.5B+ profiled users across 2.500+ different targeting combinations

Premium Placements

Reach a premiun audience across Eskimi’s DSP, SSP and DMP functionalities

Managed Services

AdOps and Client Services teams provide fast support before, during and after campaigns

Multi-Screen Ad Units

Engage custom audiences across Display, Mobile, Native, In-Game, CTV & Video

Custom Rich Media Services

Capture up to 15X more attention and engagement wih our custom rich media service

Partnerships & Integrations

Grow your business responsably across 60+ Ad Exchanges, Brand Safety & Reporting Tools

Exchanges & Direct Publishers

Verification & Mobile Attribution Tools

Data, Reporting & Creative Tools

Traditional Telco Advertising

No data for relevant and timely win-back & acquisition campaigns
Impersonal and broad targeting
Lack of attribution and reporting to measure performance

Eskimi Telco Solutions

Reach your win-back and acquisition goals with telco data
Run personalized ad campaigns with precision targeting
Understand true impact of your campaign with offline attribution

What our clients are saying about us

Combining Eskimi capabilities with Targetkom customer journey maps has opened our eyes – as an operator to limitless made-to-measure targeting capabilities for each product, segment, and market.
Mustafa AbdelMalik
Group Director for Digital Services and Fintech at Expresso
We’re all in with the learning approach because digital and telco industries are extremely dynamic. Our audience is very broad, so whenever we can pick some narrower audiences, we take this opportunity.
Miglena Slavova
Head of Digital at Yettel
Because of its advanced tools and the systems in place, Eskimi is well-positioned to help telcos gain a competitive edge.
Khattar Fehmi
CEO at Targetkom
The telecommunications network is expanding fast and Hutch has so much to gain from it. The Eskimi team has been very helpful to us from day one – the workflow was smooth, we hardly had any issues, and this helped us better serve our client as well.
Jiffry Jameel
CEO at Digibrush

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