Advertise to your competitors’ user base with a telecom marketing suite

Segment & target audiences with access to deep telco insights.

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Target users based on device model, network provider and more

Target users based on device model, network provider and more.

Every detail counts when you’re tracking campaign performance


Use data to recognize your competitors’ customers and analyse their behavior

Target & acquire

Reach quality customers online and promote personalised offers in a cost-efficient way


Measure campaign success and compare its impact both online and offline

Get a marketing dashboard that covers everything

Conduct market research to see where you stand among your competitors, and monitor user behavior online.

Do your research

Keep an eye on real-time mobile data market movements, analyze campaign performance and measure the effectiveness of your new data offerings.

Telecom data

Track mobile data market shares and 3G/4G data consumption. Compare your and competitor audiences by socio-economic class, device or operating system.

Discover blind spots

Stay informed on how many SIMs a telecom gained or lost or how it’s experiencing user migration.

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You don't get enough in-depth data on your campaigns
The attention of the support team is lacking
No one can help you bring your crazy advertisement idea to life
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After Eskimi

Thoroughly managed data shows every dollar spent
1-on-1 support takes care of your business and budget
Innovations & efficiency escalate your campaigns to the next level

Frequently asked

Reach out and we’ll answer the questions you have on your mind. We’ll try to respond within the next working day.

What is the main advantage of Eskimi Data Management Platform?

Our Data Management Platform allows you to build industry specific reaserch dashboards to get insights on everything that is going on with your campaign metrics in real time.

How does Eskimi make insights on customers’ behavior?

We monitor ad-related people’s behavior online by going into consumer interests, visited locations, and geofencing areas. Moreover, behavior-related retargeting doesn’t go without users’ lists and diving deeper into socio-economic class preferences.

How does Eskimi collect data?

We combine thousands of unique 3rd & 1st party data points across user interests, location, devices, telecom data, behavior, and many more to provide the most accurate insights.

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What happens when Eskimi optimises your campaigns?

You get more out of every dollar invested. You get more brand awareness and recognition. And slowly but surely you’re setting your company on the path to success.

Burger King footfall campaign

Campaign goal

The main goal of the campaign was to increase physical store visits, from Online to Offline.

Resonating offer

Ads advertised offer which influenced even higher user engagement and store visits.

Relevant targeting

By combining competitor and customer targeting, it was possible to reach high-intent audiences.




Unique users


Traffic delivered to the store

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