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Win-back & acquire new customers with precision data targeting and offline Telco migration measurement

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“I started working with Eskimi in February 2021. Over the entire period, the Eskimi team hasshown itself as professional as possible. All requests are processed quickly and efficiently, themanager always offers the best options for advertising that meet the goals of the client. I ampleased to communicate with Eskimi managers Angelina, Yana, Alina and, I hope, will onlyincrease our cooperation in the future.”

Viktoria Borodavitsina
Adventa Initiative Media

"Our company has a great experience working with Eskimi. It is pleasure for us to have Eskimiteam of professionals as our partners. No matter how difficult tasks are adressed, Eskimi team isalways there to support and find the best possible solutions. Results of Eskimi performance arealways satisfying and exceed all expectations.
We are confident that cooperation between us will remain fruitful and positive."

Izimova Assel
CEO, Pozitiv Media Group

"I can surely recommend Eskimi DSP as a one-stop digital marketing solution for a brand. The extensive pool of interactive formats, detailed targeting in various industries, and a great, proactive team - always taking a step ahead and doing more than you're expecting! I'm feeling very thankful and thrilled to be working with you! The only plan for our future cooperation is growth!"

Adilbek Kadirbaev 
Digital Director, Dentsu Central Asia 

"I have launched several campaigns with Eskimi during 2019 across different industries and have always been completely satisfied with their performance. They do an excellent job starting from pre-campaign insights, campaign launching, optimisation and campaign report. Eskimi's creative team offers a wide range of unique and interactive creative solutions in a very short time with such competitive rates that make them stand out in the market. "

Mostafa Torky
Integrated Media Manager, OMD Egypt

"We started our collaboration with the Eskimi in 2018. We planned and launched many campaigns. Our customers were satisfied with their results and Eskimi team exceeded all our expectations. It also worth mentioning that Eskimi team of professionals is also helping on developing strategies for clients. We plan to continue working with Eskimi programmatic & data management platform!" 

Inna Berezovska
Programmatic Leader, Starcom Ukraine

The acquisition solution tailor-made for telecoms and ad agencies alike

Beat the Win-back

We know churning customers is one of the main concerns for Telcos. Maintain your revenue through personalised ad campaigns, leading to win-back and customer retention.
Understand the campaign impact through our unique offline migration measurement tool.

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Reach new heights in customer acquisition

It’s not just the win-back! If your goal is to grow your market share with more customers, reach new heights in acquisition with our three-step solution. Take advantage of endless data & personalised ad campaigns to transform your ad investments to real, paying customers. Understand the campaign impact through our unique offline migration measurement tool.

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The Process?
Efficient & all-in-one place

Just three easy steps - innovation doesn’t have to be complicated

Simple three-step process - all in one place

Identify Targets

Develop your ideal audience profiles. Our user-friendly dashboard and personalised targeting suite combines a variety of subcategories to let you advertise with precision.

Act immediately

Launch optimised, data-driven ad campaigns and gain new customers. Your user insights are fully actionable over our one-stop platform.

Analyse to Perfect

Measure your ad impact to offline migration through real-time analytics. Keep track on what’s working and adjust your marketing campaigns accordingly.

Created to solve key Telco challenges

We’re always looking for the newest, freshest way to make an impact with programmatic solutions. Our experience with global telecoms and ad agencies means we know the biggest challenges you’re facing day-to-day. Innovative technology gives us the tools to come up with the out-of-the-box solutions you need. Our newest service is tailor-made to make your goals not just realistic, but attainable, crucial to effectively competing in today’s market landscape. Pinpoint targeting and comprehensive migration insights will win you back lost customers, help gain new ones, and target competitor churners, all tied up in precise performance analytics for the optimised win-back strategy.

Why is it great for telco?

Maximise your ROI; take instant action in your ads with performance analytics that save you time, effort, and money.
Directly increase your revenue with campaigns that personalise client experience, leading to win-backs and new customers.
Gain knowledge on your audience and marketing strategy with real-time analytics and get the best results in future campaigns.

Why should ad agencies be excited?

Increase sales opportunities with your telco clients.
Improve trusted relationships with existing telco customers.
Grow your market share and enlist new telcos for your services.

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Before Eskimi

Not enough data to reach your win-back and acquisition goals.
Your campaigns are impersonal and aren’t precise enough.
With no offline analytics, you don’t know the impact of your win-back or acquisition campaigns.
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After Eskimi

Reach your win-back and acquisition potential with all the tools you need on one user-friendly dashboard.
Run personalised ad campaigns with pinpoint targeting.
Understand true impact of your campaigns through Eskimi offline attribution tool, real time.

Frequently asked

What are the new customer acquisition campaigns at Eskimi?

Digital campaigns with focus on new customer acquisition enable telecoms to increase their market share. Eskimi has rich data history that allows us to see what telecom a customer uses at any given moment.

What are win-back campaigns at Eskimi?

Digital campaigns that focus on win-back allow telecoms sustain revenue by targeting users that left their services. Analysing the online environment allows Eskimi to identify which of the targeted users actually came back as a customer to their services.

Why is win-back advertising valuable?

There are many reasons why telecoms should run win-back campaigns, but lost customers means lost revenue, and with win-back campaigns telecoms will be able to reacquire the lost revenue.

Why is new customer acquisition advertising important?

A new customer indicates direct revenue increase for a telecom while they grow their business and market share.

What other benefits does Eskimi offer?

Eskimi offers solutions for more than just telecoms. As a full-stack programmatic platform, Eskimi allows advertisers from different industries to run personalized advertising campaigns, but also publishers to monetize their traffic.

What happens when Eskimi optimises your campaigns?

You get more out of every dollar invested. You get more brand awareness and recognition. And slowly but surely you’re setting your company on the path to success.

Burger King footfall campaign

Circle K geofence & footfall campaign

Circle K

Footfall campaign

Campaign goal

The main goal of the campaign was to increase physical store visits, from Online to Offline.

Resonating offer

Ads advertised offer which influenced even higher user engagement and store visits.

Relevant targeting

By combining competitor and customer targeting, it was possible to reach high-intent audiences.

Campaign Goal

Circle K wanted to spread awereness about their new Marguez hotdog in Lithuania.


Circle K leveraged Eskimi DSP to hyper-locate fast-food restaurants, and petrol stations in Lithuania. Consumers with fast-food and snacks interests were also targeted

Expert creatives

The main goal of the campaign was to increase physical store visits, from Online to Offline.

Expert creatives

Ads advertised offer which influenced even higher user engagement and store visits.

Expert creatives

By combining competitor and customer targeting, it was possible to reach high-intent audiences. New offers were displayed to already reached users, to build brand loyalty and increase offline user activity.




Unique users


Traffic delivered to the store




Unique users


Traffic delivered to the store




Unique users


Traffic delivered to the store

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