Programmatic Advertising:
The Adstronaut's Guide

Your programmatic journey starts here!

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Welcome fellow Adstronaut! You have just entered the Programmatic Advertising Universe.

In this Universe, we have eight beautiful planets for you to explore. Every time you land on one, your rocket gets fueled with knowledge so you can head on to the next adventure.

So fasten your seatbelt and get ready to explore the wonders of the Programmatic Advertising System.

3… 2… 1… and lift off!
Planet Programmatica
Before your first programmatic advertising campaign shoots to the stars, you need to understand how it works.

You might experience some turbulence flying around this planet but it gets better with every new place you explore.
Planet Typetopia
On this planet, you can take a peaceful swim in the Programmatic Sea and stroll alongside sandy banks of rivers that run into it.

Each representing a programmatic advertising type that describes how you can launch your programmatic campaigns.
Planet Benefitoxis
Your rocket has just reached one of the greenest planets in the Programmatic Universe, which blooms with programmatic advertising benefits.

Even better news is that everyone is allowed to pick whatever they want and use it to fuel their rockets for the rest of this journey.
Planet Precision
This bright and sunny planet is the only one in the Programmatic Universe that hosts life.

Analyze its inhabitants, their behavior and interests first – this will help you get to know them better and break the ice by starting personal conversations that they find more appealing.
Planet Formaterra
Good job on reaching Planet Formaterra! Look out your rocket window – can you see those mountain ranges covered in colorful moss?

As the legend says, they represent different programmatic ad formats that are used by Adstronauts like you to capture the attention of Planet Formaterra’s inhabitants, as they’re often too distracted by their everyday surroundings.
Planet Platformis
At this point, you might already feel a little overwhelmed by this long-distance flight. Luckily, Planet Platformis is where you can get some assistance.

Here your rocket can land on various Programmatic Platforms, and you can rest assured you get the needed help and clear directions to continue your journey.
Planet Synergistra
Planet Synergistra is famous for its waterfalls, each of which flows down into Lake Synergy, representing a different digital advertising type.

When they meet, these waterfalls form a picturesque pool of water, causing everything around to flourish. It is believed that drinking this water provides Adstronauts with supernatural powers to connect with their audiences.
Planet Examplexia
You did amazing! And although your journey around the Programmatic Universe is about to end… It’s really just the beginning.

Fly around an astounding archipelago of Programmatic Advertising Examples and draw inspiration for your next campaign – as a well-educated Adstronaut 🚀
You are now approaching the beautiful clusters of stars that can teach you even more about the wonders of the Programmatic Advertising Universe.
The Advertising Space
Programmatic platforms that advertisers and publishers use to connect.
A tool used for collecting, storing, and managing audience data.
An internet advertising walled garden is a closed ecosystem
Types of Programmatic
Type of programmatic buying that enables one-on-one deal arrangements that let advertisers buy inventory directly from publishers.
A term used to describe programmatic types that allow direct deals between advertisers and publishers.
Delivering ads within specific geographic boundaries.
Grouping users into high, middle, and lower classes based on certain parameters.
Serve ads during specific times of the day or certain days of the week. 
Analyzing users’ activities to serve personalized ads.
Ad Types
Rich media is a digital ad format that contains advanced elements and features that encourage users to engage with the ad content.
Video ads that play outside of traditional video players and appear within non-video based editorial content.
A type of ads that stay at a fixed position on the user’s screen even when they scroll the page in any direction.
A type of ads that businesses use to attract new audiences of potential buyers.
Static or animated images shown alongside website or app content, usually promoting a brand, its products, or services. 
The use of video content to sell products or services.
A practice of delivering targeted ads to viewers who watch streaming content using internet-connected devices.
A non-intrusive ad and channel perfect for high viewability and innovation

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