Rich Media: Why Does It Beat Marketing Records

July 3, 2020
Rich Media: Why Does It Beat Marketing Records

Imagine an ad that would attract almost 300% more viewers than usual. What would make it so exclusive?
There’s no need to imagine because such ads already exist. Yes, we often feel annoyed by the ads—because we are used to thinking they are bothering, pushy, and rather boring. Today we are consuming a lot of content and it has to be exciting enough to keep our attention. Obviously, a static picture is far less attractive than, let’s say, a GIF or a video. Bearing that in mind, a new generation of ad—rich media—is conquering the advertising market and… the consumers’ sympathies: Eskimi DSP insights show that rich media can increase users’ interaction up to 10 times. So, what is rich media and why it is the key to success in advertising?

Rich media: an ad drawing you in

When talking about rich media, the keyword is interactive. Also called multimedia banner, a rich media ad is a digital advert that includes interactive elements: video, audio, moving pictures, etc. It requires some of your actions: listening to the audio, watching a video, clicking somewhere, or even playing a game. In this way, the ad encourages your engagement—and we love engagement: according to science, interactivity makes us feel involved, and when we put our energy or time to something, we are more likely to complete the task.
Also, rich media ads attract our attention with dynamics. They can expand, float, pop up. But rich media doesn’t limit to videos, animations, GIFs, and games. Small applications, Instagram stories, podcasts, narrative audios, live streams – these formats are also a part of the rich media universe. A variety of formats stimulates advertisers’ creativity and allows choosing the most suitable form of engaging content.

Why is it worth investing in

Although larger in file size and more pricey, rich media is a smart investment bearing many advantages, including the financial return.
Higher engagement rate. Interactive and action-requiring ads grab our attention more effectively. People spend more time with the media—according to Eskimi DSP data, even up to 1 minute. Our interaction with the ad leads to a more engaging user experience and that has a positive effect on message (and brand) association.
Brand awareness. Rich media helps to build powerful branding. As audiences spend more time engaged with the brand message, brand awareness is growing faster.
Higher click-through and conversion rates. According to Eskimi DSP data, rich media can deliver a 500% higher click-through rate (CTR). Besides, it outperforms standard display ads in conversion rates—around 65%.
More insights on audience behavior. If traditional banners allow measuring only impressions and click-throughs, rich media ads provide more complex data. You can get to know better your audience by measuring the number of people who viewed the video, length of interaction, video completions, and other metrics that matter.
Increased purchasing. Numbers don’t lie: statistics show that around 70% of consumers are more likely to purchase after watching a video.
Compatibility. Differently from standard banner ads, rich media is compatible with Java, Javascript, and HTML5. It means that such ads can be used on any website and app.

The ROI of Rich Media | Eskimi

Eskimi DSP rich media solutions

Offering a wide spectrum of advertising tools, Eskimi DSP also provides creative rich media solutions. If you want to satisfy your curiosity about how the rich media ad could look like, you are welcome to use Eskimi DSP rich media studio. Only 2 minutes—and your free demo version is ready. All you need is to upload creatives on the platform.
For more customized results, full-of-ideas Eskimi team is ready to build the ads according to your imagination. Only 1-3 working days and your rich media creative will be ready to engage the users, build your brand awareness, and conquer the market.
Valued for being both creative and operative, Eskimi DSP offers dynamic creatives. Imagine a rich media ad that changes according to certain data: real-time sports results, weather, bank exchange rate… Eskimi does it!
Still have doubts about how rich media could help you? Let’s contact and talk over your needs. Already fascinated with the opportunities of rich media? Let’s contact and start your success story.
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