Target users based on devices, telecom data, interests, location and more!

Divide audience into segments for maximum efficiency based on factual data.

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Profiled Users




Sites & Apps

Reach the most narrow audiences with accuracy

Segment users across 26 general categories, 280+ sub-categories and 2000+ sub-sub categories.

Control how you run your advertising to the finest details


  • Consumer Interests; Retargeting
  • User Lists
  • Visited Locations
  • Geofencing Areas
  • Socio-economic Class


  • Exchanges
  • Apps/Sites
  • Position
  • Time


  • Browser
  • Operating System
  • 3G/4G/WiFi
  • Device Brand & Model
  • Device Price Range
  • & other data points


  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Hyper-location

Advertising is all about precision

Eskimi delivers optimised performance for brand awareness & engagement campaigns.

Geo-location targeting

Reach potential customers within walking distance from your store, billboard or any other target location.

Contextual targeting

Get better ad viewability by utilising keywords to show relevant ads based on the page’s content.

Time scheduling

Show your ads only during the specific time of days or dates that prove to bring the highest ROI for your brand.

Socio-economic class

Base SEC targeting on hundreds of data points that signal users’ purchasing power.

Full-stack programatic advertising done with you or done for you

FMCG, telecom, banking providers and media agencies get growing brand awareness, reach and engagement with Eskimi.

Run intelligent campaigns

Elevate your marketing outcomes using various advertisement formats powered by machine learning & algorithms.

Control data management

Easily store and manage customer and campaign data extracted from internal & external sources.

Optimize advertisment solutions

Adjust every parameter in your campaigns to reach your target audience efficiently.

Before Eskimi

You don't get enough in-depth data on your campaigns
The attention of the support team is lacking
No one can help you bring your crazy advertisement idea to life
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After Eskimi

Thoroughly managed data shows every dollar spent
1-on-1 support takes care of your business and budget
Innovations & efficiency escalate your campaigns to the next level

Access geolocation targeting and footfall tracking

Target audiences by geographical area, specific building or any shape on a map and see how many users that viewed your ad visited the physical location of your business.

Geolocation Visual
Detailed Reports Visual

Store & manage customer and campaign data

Use our platform's reporting dashboards to visually track, analyse and display your campaign metrics in real time.

Done for you or done
with you

Use our platform’s functions solo or get our team to manage your campaigns based on experience from over 10,000+ campaigns.

You run it

Rich media - creatives templates
Supports all creative types (rich media, banners, native, video)
DSP - campaign setup, telco and device ID targeting
AdOps support
Data management platform (DMP)
Multichannel campaigns
Traffic discovery
Standard reports
Payment through PayPal, wire transfer, IO

We run it

Rich media - creatives templates
Supports all creative types (rich media, banners, native, video)
Custom rich media solutions
Custom reports
AdOps support
Data management platform (DMP) - geofence, device ID targeting, retargeting
Multichannel campaigns
Telco dashboard with user data
White label
Traffic discovery
Standard reports
Payment through PayPal, wire transfer, IO

Frequently asked

Reach out and we’ll answer the questions you have on your mind. We’ll try to respond within the next working day.

What’s Eskimi in short?

Eskimi is a proprietary technology platform that allows brands and agencies run programmatic campaigns using different advertisement formats.

How does Eskimi collect data?

We combine thousands of unique 3rd & 1st party data points across user interests, location, devices, telecom data, behavior, and many more to provide the most accurate insights.

Can I create my own ad templates?

Yes! Our platform provides 20 standard templates of unique interactive ads, however, we’ll be happy to create custom rich media formats on your request.

What are my customer targeting options?

Our user data gives you more opportunities to segment users to satisfy their needs. We provide 4 different segment options: behavioral, placement, tech, and demographics, but that’s not all - these segments divide into many bullet points.

Is it possible to target specific audiences only with Eskimi?

Yes! By using Eskimi you’ll be able to choose unique audiences and target particular groups of consumers by industries such as telecom, automotive, FMCG, e-commerce, and many more.

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What happens when Eskimi optimises your campaigns?

You get more out of every dollar invested. You get more brand awareness and recognition. And slowly but surely you’re setting your company on the path to success.

Burger King footfall campaign

Campaign goal

The main goal of the campaign was to increase physical store visits, from Online to Offline.

Resonating offer

Ads advertised offer which influenced even higher user engagement and store visits.

Relevant targeting

By combining competitor and customer targeting, it was possible to reach high-intent audiences.




Unique users


Traffic delivered to the store

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