Eskimi Launches 'Disable Made For Advertising' Feature

January 12, 2024
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The advertising industry's love affair with "cheap reach" was supposed to come to an end as curation became the industry buzzword. This narrative was disrupted when the Made for Advertising (MFA) issue sparked an industry-wide conversation and transformed programmatic advertising from the ground up.

While MFA sites have been heralded for their high engagement and easy monetization capabilities, there has been a shift in the perception of their long-term viability and effectiveness.

Enter Eskimi.

Our team has rolled out an option to disable MFA off, revolutionizing the way advertisers approach their campaigns.

What is Made for Advertising (MFA)?

MFA is an ecosystem of web content specifically designed to attract paid advertisements. Such content typically revolves around high-performing keywords and subjects likely to attract a substantial amount of paid ads.

Characteristics of MFA content

  • Highly optimized keywords: They are built around competitive keywords that advertisers usually target.

  • Content-rich pages: Though not always qualitatively superior, these pages are SEO-optimized to rank well on search engines.

  • Tailored user experience: Designed to maximize the visibility of advertisements rather than provide insightful content.

How does MFA work?

Understanding how MFA operates is essential to both advertisers and publishers for different reasons.

  • For advertisers: MFA sites are optimised to attract users and keep them with low-quality content.

  • For publishers: They represent a source of recurring revenue, thanks to the high click-through rates (CTR) that the ads often generate.

MFA works in tandem with programmatic advertising platforms to display ads that are most likely to convert based on the context of the web page and user behaviour.

The danger lurking in MFA sites

MFAs come with inherent risks that could possibly undermine your ad efforts.

Why MFAs should be avoided

  • Brand safety: Being associated with MFAs can severely damage a brand’s credibility.

  • Wasted inventory: Your ads can end up in an ecosystem that hardly has anything to do with your target audience.

  • Unfair competition: MFAs provide an imbalanced platform that undermines the competitive nature of the advertising industry.

The problem with MFAs isn't just their existence, but also the collective blind eye that many marketers and agencies turned towards them. As long as the metrics seemed good and the reach was cheap, the imperfections of MFAs were generally overlooked. But in the wake of recent industry revelations, inaction is no longer an option.

Introducing Eskimi’s ON/OFF feature for MFA

In a game-changing move, Eskimi now allows advertisers the flexibility to disable MFA with a single click.

How Eskimi adds value

  • Control: Easily opt in or out of MFA sites, giving you more control over your ad placements.

  • Efficiency: When MFA is ON, Eskimi’s algorithm ensures your ads are displayed on high-performing MFA sites.

  • Transparency: Get detailed reports on how your ads perform on MFA versus non-MFA sites.

  • Flexibility: The ON/OFF feature allows you to test different strategies effortlessly.

Eskimi tests MFA impact

We set up a campaigned and did an A/B test on the impact of enabling and disabling MFA sites.

The scale and overall performance of "Not MFA" appear significantly better across several key metrics like CPM, CPC, and vCPM.

Taking control of your ad ecosystem

The industry’s infatuation with MFAs isn’t just a lapse in judgment; it’s a significant oversight with ramifications that we're only now coming to grips with.

Eskimi's ON/OFF feature for MFA is a manifestation of the platform's commitment to offering advertisers a tailored, efficient, and data-driven experience. In a realm where control, efficiency, and adaptability dictate success, Eskimi is setting a new industry standard.

Remember, programmatic advertising is a marathon, not a sprint. The ability to adapt and evolve is crucial. Eskimi’s new feature ensures you're not just keeping pace but actually leading the pack.

So, whether you're new to MFA or have been leveraging it for years, Eskimi's latest feature offers a streamlined, user-friendly approach to getting the most out of your ad campaigns.

Antonis has a decade of experience in marketing. From blog posts to newsletters, he is responsible for (almost) all things content at Eskimi. When he is not typing away, he is searching for new restaurants or adding more travel destinations to his bucket list.
Antonis has a decade of experience in marketing. From blog posts to newsletters, he is responsible for (almost) all things content at Eskimi. When he is not typing away, he is searching for new restaurants or adding more travel destinations to his bucket list.
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