Ad Campaign Ideas For The Paris Olympic Games 2024

March 14, 2024
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The Paris Olympic Games 2024 is not merely a gathering of the world's finest athletes but a beacon of unity, diversity, and human excellence. Beyond the tracks and fields, this summer’s event sets the stage for another type of battle—ad campaigns.

The world’s eyeballs are not often tuned in to the same occasion. The opportunity is massive, but only if handled correctly. This is not just about visibility; it’s about creating resonance.

Olympic Games Audience

According to independent research conducted on behalf of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the Tokyo Olympics attracted an international audience of 3.05 billion people. Yes, you read that right – over three billion eyes and ears tuned in from every corner of the planet.

Now, let's talk about digital engagement. The Tokyo Olympics saw 28 billion digital video views and 6.1 billion engagements on social media channels. This digital engagement is a treasure trove for advertisers.

Demographics and Interests

Recognizing demographic nuances is vital to deploying successful ad campaigns. Tailoring messages to resonate with the values, interests, and media consumption habits of Millennials and Gen Z can significantly enhance the effectiveness of advertising efforts.

For instance, these audiences are more likely to engage with digital platforms and social media for Olympic content, suggesting that online ads, influencer partnerships, and social media campaigns would be particularly effective.

Millennials and Gen Z: The Core Audience

Talking of of Millennials and Gen Z, the data is clear: Millennials (born between 1981 and 1996) and Generation Z (born between 1997 and 2012) are the largest demographic groups tuning into the Olympics.

This trend is consistent across North America, where these younger generations show a higher level of engagement with the Olympics than Baby Boomers. Similarly, in Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, Millennials, Gen Z, and Gen X are more likely to watch Olympic sports than older generations.

Conversely, in Europe, Baby Boomers emerge as the primary audience for the Olympics, indicating a diverse global viewership.

Mega-Fans: A Special Note on American Viewership

The United States boasts the highest demand for Olympics content. It demonstrates a unique 'mega-fan' culture, with American audiences consuming three times more Olympics content than fans in any other country. This presents a golden opportunity for advertisers to tap into this enthusiastic market with targeted, high-engagement campaigns that leverage patriotic themes and the storied success of American athletes.

Advanced Targeting Options

At the heart of sophisticated programmatic advertising is the ability to utilize comprehensive audience data across various dimensions. Let’s simplify these dimensions.

Behavioural Insights

By analyzing data like consumer interests, previous engagements (retargeting), specific user lists, historical location visits, and socio-economic class, advertisers can craft messages that are not just seen but felt.

This isn't about blasting different ad formats across the internet; it's about starting a conversation with someone based on what they care about, where they've been, and their purchasing power.

For the Olympics, this could mean targeting sports enthusiasts who've shown interest in previous games or visited Olympic venues, offering them merchandise or event tickets that align with their interests.

Demographic Precision

Age, gender, and location (right down to hyper-location) are the traditional triad of targeting, yet their power is undiminished in the modern arsenal.

Knowing who your audience is, in demographic terms, allows for the tailoring of messages that resonate on a personal level.

For instance, targeting younger demographics with mobile app ads for Olympic game updates or merchandise might be more effective than targeting older segments through these channels.

Inventory Selection

The choices here - exchanges, specific apps or sites, ad position, time of day, and the context in which your ad appears - ensure your message is in the right place at the right time. This is about aligning your ad's environment with the user's intent and mood.

Placing ads for Olympic events streaming on sports news sites during peak viewing times ensures you're reaching fans when they're most engaged.

Device Environment Tuning

Understanding the device environment, including browser, operating system, network operator, connectivity (3G/4G/WiFi), device brand and model, and even price range, allows for unparalleled ad customization.

Tailoring your campaign to fit the user's device environment means ensuring that a high-quality video ad for the Olympic Games doesn't end up buffering on a user's screen because their connection can't handle it.

Memorable Olympic Games Ad Campaigns

Before diving into some campaign examples, starting with the Olympic Games logo would be helpful and interesting.

At its core, the Paris 2024 logo harmoniously blends three quintessential symbols: the gold medal, the Olympic flame, and Marianne. Why these three, you ask? Each element is steeped in profound meaning, serving as a beacon of France's revolutionary ideals and the unifying spirit of the Olympics.

Gold Medal

First, the gold medal symbolises victory, achievement, and excellence in the Olympic Games.

Every athlete dreams of it, symbolizing the pinnacle of sporting prowess. By incorporating this into the logo, the design salutes the relentless pursuit of excellence that defines the Olympic Games.

Olympic Flame

Next, the Olympic flame. This isn't just any flame; it's a timeless emblem of continuity, inspiration, and the enduring connection between the ancient and modern Games.

It represents the light of spirit, knowledge, and life, igniting the passion and unity of athletes and spectators worldwide.


And then, there's Marianne. More than just a face, Marianne is the heart and soul of French national identity. She embodies revolutionary values deeply within French culture and beyond, symbolising liberty, equality, and fraternity.

Her inclusion in the logo is a decisive nod to the enduring spirit of the French Revolution, echoing the principles of freedom and brotherhood that the Olympic Games strive to promote.

Visa's "Go World" Campaign (Beijing 2008, London 2012)

Visa celebrated the Olympic spirit with its "Go World" campaign, which featured stories of athletes overcoming adversity to compete at the Olympics. The campaign utilized social media to encourage fans to cheer for their favorite athletes, making it interactive. The success of this campaign is credited to its inspirational stories and the way it leveraged technology to connect fans with the games.

Coca-Cola's "#ThatsGold" Campaign (Rio 2016)

Coca-Cola's campaign for the Rio Olympics focused on the idea that gold moments can happen both on and off the podium. It included TV commercials, digital content, and on-the-ground activations. The campaign's success stemmed from its inclusive message that celebrated the joyous moments of the Olympics, making it relatable to a broad audience.

Nike's "Find Your Greatness" Campaign (London 2012)

During the 2012 London Olympics, Nike launched a campaign focusing on the greatness in every athlete—not just those competing in the Olympics. The campaign featured athletes from various backgrounds and skill levels, emphasizing that greatness is not exclusive to Olympic athletes. This inclusivity resonated well with the public, encouraging everyone to find their own version of greatness.

Ad Ideas From Eskimi

The Gymnast (Mobile-Only)

What's better than watching the Games? Being part of the Games. Following the route of a professional, Olympic level gymnast might be too much of a challenge for most of us, trying to keep a virtual gymnast on the rings, using our mobile phones, might be a little bit easier.

This gamification idea serves as an example of how ads can invite people to be part of the event in their own small way. Try it out using the mobile gyroscope and see if you can balance the gymnast.

The Swimmer

Haven't we all watched Michael Phelps "cruise" across the pool and felt like we could do that at the neighbourhood lido? Well, here's your chance. This ad idea can give people the opportunity to feel the water splash against their face and finish first in the 100m freestyle final. Try it the ad out and see if you can finis first.

Prepare your ads for the Paris Olympic Games

Just book a demo with our team and make the most of the world's premier sporting event.

Antonis has a decade of experience in marketing. From blog posts to newsletters, he is responsible for (almost) all things content at Eskimi. When he is not typing away, he is searching for new restaurants or adding more travel destinations to his bucket list.
Antonis has a decade of experience in marketing. From blog posts to newsletters, he is responsible for (almost) all things content at Eskimi. When he is not typing away, he is searching for new restaurants or adding more travel destinations to his bucket list.
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