Mycar runs survey campaign to measure brand awareness

Gathering data and insights into how well people know the brand, how it is perceived, and learning about consumer behavior.
A survey campaign aimed at measuring brand awareness, brand perception, and getting a better understanding of the customer life cycle.
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Mycar runs survey campaign to measure brand awareness

Gathering data and insights into how well people know the brand, how it is perceived, and learning about consumer behavior.
A survey campaign aimed at measuring brand awareness, brand perception, and getting a better understanding of the customer life cycle.

In a world where every brand seeks maximum attention, standing out in the crowd and creating something memorable can be challenging. Even if you think your efforts might have been successful, how can you be sure of it?

One way to find this out is to conduct a survey, and that’s exactly what Mycar, a Kazakhstan-based car dealership company, did to measure its brand awareness.

To achieve this goal, Mycar ran a targeted ad campaign with Eskimi, inviting people to participate in an online survey. It aimed to gather information about the participants’ awareness of Mycar, their perception of the brand, and general insights into consumer behavior.

“We are glad about the results,” said Oxana Peshkova, Performance Marketing Manager at Mycar Group LLP. “With this survey campaign, we got valuable data and information that we can use in the future.”

About Mycar

Mycar is a leading car dealership brand in Kazakhstan, aiming to create a smoothly running ecosystem for car owners and those who are looking to buy a vehicle.

Mycar’s services revolve around a marketplace where people can sell or buy new and used cars (both online and in physical auto centers) and offering potential car owners financial programs for easier and faster purchases.

Mycar application on smartphone

Mycar operates in the three biggest cities in Kazakhstan – Astana, Almaty, and Shymkent, employs more than 1000 people, and is proud to call itself a #1 auto ecosystem in Kazakhstan.

Together with Eskimi, Mycar launched a survey using Eskimi ads to better understand how familiar people are with the Mycar brand, analyze their behavior, and learn about the consumer perception of the Mycar brand.

Achieving advertising goals with Eskimi

Mycar launched its first campaign with Eskimi for Black Friday in November (2022), which included a special proposition for buying a car and focused on promoting the Mycar Finance program.

It was a VAST video campaign that, being an essential part of the advertising mix, helped the company to overachieve its sales targets. Due to the previous success, Mycar wanted to run a second campaign – this time focused on measuring the impact of its advertising efforts.

“We tried doing a survey using Yandex Surveys, but it was somehow challenging,” said Oxana Peshkova. “We didn’t get much support from their team, and in the end, we couldn’t see any value in it.

“We knew that Eskimi can run such campaigns as well, and we can receive the necessary help and guidance. Since we’ve already completed the first campaign successfully and one of our analytics team members actually vouched for Eskimi, we decided to try it out.”

Using Eskimi, Mycar could also overcome restrictions surrounding finance-related campaigns on other channels (or negatively impacting the price if approved).

Crafting a survey campaign

Based on the experience with the previous survey, the Mycar team prepared questions for a survey with Eskimi.

The car dealership company used geolocation targeting in Kazakhstan to reach people over 18 years old across the whole country. 

“We wanted to measure brand awareness, whether or not people are familiar with the brand, and how they perceive it,” said Oxana Peshkova.

When running a survey campaign, it’s crucial to choose only a couple of the most important questions and ensure they’re straight to the point. Otherwise, it can be challenging to encourage participants to complete the whole survey.

Mycar’s survey consisted of three simple questions:

  • Do you know the “Mycar” brand?
  • What feedback have you heard about the company?
  • How often do you change cars?

Respondents could choose one of the provided answers. You can interact with the ad creative below to see how it works.

“As we saw from the results, the majority of those who are familiar with the brand (68.97%) have also heard positive feedback about it (51%). In comparison, out of all respondents who don’t really know the brand, only 16% heard positive feedback.

“This is one of the examples of how this survey, although so simple, helped us understand something so important.”

Fully customizable survey design for a bigger impact

One of the advantages of running such campaigns with Eskimi is the possibility of being fully in control of the appearance of your survey.

Depending on campaign goals, advertisers may want to highlight the brand’s visual identity or the opposite – create something neutral so that the participants are not influenced by anything they’re familiar with.

Running similar campaigns on platforms like Facebook or Youtube puts every brand into the same frames without the possibility of customizing or standing out. With Eskimi, brands can stay neutral (and still on their own terms and visual preferences) or create ads using visual elements that represent them.

In Mycar’s case, survey ads were made according to Mycar’s brand book. The company’s creative team prepared a banner design using their logo, fonts, and images, while Eskimi turned it into a fully functioning survey.

Valuable insights for informed future decisions

Running survey ads is an effective way for brands to gather valuable feedback directly from their target audience. 

This can be used to improve their products or services, refine marketing strategies, and make better business decisions overall.

Regarding the Mycar survey results, Oxana Peshkova said:

“The survey was really useful. It helped us understand the customer life cycle and provided valuable data that we can use in the future, for example, in building a mailing list strategy."

“To be more specific, we asked people how often they changed their cars. Out of all respondents who are familiar with the Mycar brand, over 38% said they do it every 2-3 years. Knowing this, we can start reaching out to people who bought from us three years ago and offer attractive, personalized deals.

“We can also continue working with all user segments from the survey, retargeting them for future ad campaigns.”


Mycar survey campaign results

Mycar survey campaign results and the insights gathered left the Mycar team happy.

“We analyzed our survey results and decided to launch more branded campaigns,” said Oxana Peshkova.

  • The survey campaign hit over 500,000 impressions and reached nearly 300,000 people.
  • The average engagement rate for survey ads was 2,33%.
  • 2,201 people completed the survey.
  • From the survey, Mycar could learn its brand recall rate – 68,9% (generally, anything above 50% is considered desirable).
We’re glad about the results of our collaboration with Eskimi. The first Mycar ad campaign helped us overreach our sales goals. And with this survey campaign, we got valuable data that we can use to get even better results in the future.
Oxana Peshkova
Performance Marketing Manager

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