Eskimi x YMT: Ranking Among The Top 5 Programmatic Solutions

January 12, 2024
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2019 has been a great year partnership-wise, bringing YMT Ads and Eskimi together.

YMT Ads is operating in Indonesia, the market where programmatic advertising is rapidly growing and is expected to continue growing in the coming years. Due to such factors as increasing internet penetration, rising smartphone usage, and a growing middle class, digital advertising, especially programmatic, is starting to earn its place in marketing budgets.

After teaming up with Eskimi, YMT Ads has become Eskimi’s official representative in the region, which uses technology and data to boost advertising efforts for their clients.

About YMT Ads

YMT Ads creates data-driven solutions for advertising that help brands connect with their audiences. The company is also an exclusive partner for the Eskimi platform in Indonesia and other Southeast Asian markets, helping advertisers and agencies maximize their advertising ROI with data-driven programmatic campaigns.

“We teamed up with Eskimi in 2019, and I can confidently say that we’ve come a long way since then,” said Yasir Riaz, founder and CEO at YMT Ads.

“We started from zero; fast forward to today, we are working with some of the biggest agencies in Indonesia that treat us as their preferred partner. Therefore, it’s fair to say that we rank among the top 5 programmatic solutions in the market.”

Defeating advertising challenges

With increasing digital advertising spending and thousands of ads fighting for user attention every day, there are several significant challenges that companies like YMT Ads face in delivering their clients’ messages.

“I think besides some smaller issues, there are two main challenges that require every advertiser’s attention in such a competitive environment,” said Yasir Riaz. “The first is finding the right audience, and the second is encouraging engagement or generating a response from that audience. So that is what we are trying to solve.

“The truth is, most of the brands have more or less the same kind of audience that they want to target, therefore, it becomes a challenge to get them to act on their ads. It all comes down to the format, targeting options, and environment you choose to reach out to them.”

Here is where Eskimi comes in handy. As a full-stack programmatic platform, Eskimi can offer a “one-stop shop” experience in programmatic advertising, from a creative team and various creative ad formats to all the necessary internal tools for campaign launch and optimization, including dedicated Ad Ops specialists. 

“Working with Eskimi, we can overcome the challenges I’ve mentioned,” added Yasir Riaz.

“In terms of finding the right audiences, we can use Eskimi’s advanced targeting options that help us to place our ads in front of the right people. As for better engagement, there are many innovative formats to choose from that both our clients and we at YMT appreciate.”

Seeking the highest engagement

With Eskimi, YMT Ads has already delivered ads in many SSP formats – it’s a premium format designed to ensure good visibility on local sites with established direct relationships. 

This can include anything from static and animated ads to floating and rich media ads.

“SSP format is one of those solutions we’ve done a lot with Eskimi,” said Yasir Riaz. “Since we focus on encouraging response, innovative and engaging formats are what we aim for.

“Two of the most memorable campaigns I could think of right now were an AR-focused campaign for Visa and ads that users could interact with to support their team during the World Cup.

“As for the Visa campaign, users had to turn on their cameras, which allowed them to take a selfie and replace its background, depicting the destination where they’d like to go for workation or holidays.”

Experiencing a double-digit growth

YMT Ads’ journey in programmatic started with Eskimi, and every year since then, the company has been able to reap the benefits of this partnership.

“Having Eskimi as our programmatic partner allows us to have good double-digit growth every year,” said Yasir Riaz.

“Some of the key benefits this collaboration brings us are access to the audience data, the possibility to use a large pool of ad inventory, and, just as important – we get to work with Eskimi’s creative tech development team that is always ready to help, as well as good Ad Ops who make sure we deliver on our campaign KPIs.”

In the future, YMT Ads plans to shift towards more custom solution-driven proposals to maximize the benefits for both sides.

As programmatic ad spending in Indonesia is projected to grow steadily and reach $2.8B in 2026, it’s an excellent opportunity to further explore what this digital advertising type has to offer and get the best out of it.

Philip is the CMO of Eskimi. When he’s not busy growing the Eskimi brand, he spends his time with family and playing ping pong.
Philip is the CMO of Eskimi. When he’s not busy growing the Eskimi brand, he spends his time with family and playing ping pong.
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