15+ Audio Advertising Statistics For 2024

March 6, 2024
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In an era where the auditory landscape is becoming a battleground for marketers, understanding the nuances of audio advertising is more critical than ever. Recent trends and data reveal a fascinating evolution in how brands connect with their audience through sound.

Building on the insights from our previous exploration of Audio Advertising Examples, this blog post delves into the latest audio advertising statistics that are shaping the future of marketing.

Our focus is not just on the numbers but on the transformative power of audio advertising in creating memorable brand experiences.

Audio Advertising Spend

The upward trajectory for digital audio spending is undeniable. It's a medium with sizeable potential, and advertisers seem to be putting their money where their mouth is.

Source: Statista

Consumer Insights

Edison Research found that 51% of podcast “Super Listeners” — those who listen to five or more hours of podcast content per week — say they pay more attention to podcast ads than other types of media, and 50% agree that podcast ads are the best way to reach them.

Additionally, 53% say they have a better opinion of a brand that advertises on podcasts they regularly listen to.

Moreover, 74% of consumers report visiting a company or product’s website after hearing an ad on a podcast they listen to regularly.

Additionally, 72% say they would consider a new product or service, 65% say they’ve made a purchase, and 54% say they’ve visited a store because of a podcast ad.

The IAB Europe’s AdEx Benchmark study highlights audio as the fastest-growing format, experiencing a remarkable increase of 22.1% to reach €0.7 billion.

Source: Edison Research

Audio Ad Campaign Spend & Drivers

The Evolution of Digital Audio Advertising in Europe survey by GroupM Nexus EMEA and IAB Europe went behind the curtain to investigate buy-side/publisher opinions on audio advertising. The findings are eye-catching.

Source: GroupM Nexus EMEA and IAB Europe

Spotify Statistics

Spotify has been around since 2006 but its brand name and influence has never been bigger than the past 5 years. Why? It was back in 2020 when the company from Sweden went on a crusade of signing the best podcasts in the world to exclusive deals.

From the illustrious Joe Rogan and The Ringer and Bill Simmons’ podcast, to the edgy Call Her Daddy, Spotify was at the forefront of the podcast boom. These moves not only positioned Spotify at the helm of the podcast rise, but as a leading voice in the audio advertising discussion.

Their research and statistics are benchmarks for where the industry is, and where it’s heading.

According to Spotify, 83% of millennials use audio to reduce their stress levels, and 77% see audio as a mental health resource. In comparison, 80% of Gen Z say audio lets them explore different sides of their personalities.

According to Spotify research, 93% of the brain’s engagement with the content on Spotify is transferred directly into ad engagement. What does that mean? That when people hear your ad on Spotify, they’re really listening.


When talking about audio advertising and the numbers that turn heads, podcasts are in a league of their own. The new medium has been on a meteoric rise for the past decade (thank you, Joe Rogan and Marc Maron) with no signs of slowing down.

Source: Statista

The Audio Advertising Opportunity

The landscape of audio advertising is undergoing a revolutionary transformation, marking an unprecedented opportunity for marketers and brands. The key to unlocking this potential lies in understanding its growth dynamics, the innovation in ad formats, and the exceptional engagement rates that audio platforms offer. Let's break down these elements to grasp the full magnitude of the opportunity that audio advertising presents.

Exponential Growth of Podcasts

Cultural Shift: Society's increasing preference for on-demand and versatile content has catapulted podcasts into a mainstream medium. This cultural shift towards audio storytelling has created a fertile ground for advertisers to reach engaged audiences across diverse demographics and interests.

Accessibility & Versatility: The ease of access to podcasts, whether at home, during commutes, or as a background activity, expands the touchpoints for audio ads. This omnipresence of podcasts means advertisers can seamlessly integrate their messages into listeners’ daily lives.

Innovative Formats

Immersive Experiences: Audio ads have evolved far beyond simple commercial breaks. They now offer immersive experiences through interactive ads, sponsored content, and storytelling that resonate with the listener's emotions and interests. This evolution opens up creative avenues for brands to forge deeper connections with their audience.

Personalization at Scale: Advances in technology enable hyper-personalization of audio ads. Leveraging listener data, ads can be tailored to fit the context and preferences of the audience, significantly enhancing relevance and effectiveness.

Engagement Rates

High Listener Attention: Audio content, especially podcasts, boasts high engagement rates, with listeners often consuming episodes from start to finish. This undivided attention presents a golden opportunity for audio ads to make a lasting impact.

Brand Recall & Loyalty: The intimate and conversational nature of audio content fosters a unique bond between the listener and the host. When ads are integrated into this environment, they benefit from the trust and loyalty the audience has towards the host or platform, leading to higher brand recall and affinity.

The medium is growing, and Eskimi is at the forefront of audio advertising. Don't hesitate to book a demo and see how your brand and/or agency can make the most of it.

Antonis has a decade of experience in marketing. From blog posts to newsletters, he is responsible for (almost) all things content at Eskimi. When he is not typing away, he is searching for new restaurants or adding more travel destinations to his bucket list.
Antonis has a decade of experience in marketing. From blog posts to newsletters, he is responsible for (almost) all things content at Eskimi. When he is not typing away, he is searching for new restaurants or adding more travel destinations to his bucket list.
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