Eskimi matched my interest in both the creative and tech worlds perfectly

Agne Macyte
Head of Global digital Account Management

01 What do you do at Eskimi? What is your typical day like?

As a Head of Global Account Management, I lead a wonderful team of 20 Account Managers from across the world. We help big brands and media agencies to plan and coordinate programmatic media channel. 

I usually start my day at 9 and the first thing I do is to open my emails, Slack and respond to all ongoing matters. In between my meetings, I help my team with planning, strategy or other urgent questions. 

In general, I am responsible for leading and improving my team’s performance and well-being by collaborating with other teams, optimizing processes as well as training and sharing my knowledge.

02 What was the main factor that influenced you to join Eskimi?

At the time when I was looking for new career opportunities, I was not quite sure where exactly I saw myself. 

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising & Marketing and Master’s degree in Computing. Two very different fields. I was interested in both worlds – the creative and the tech one. 

Eskimi matched exactly that. The role was very diverse and had a little bit of everything. I instantly felt that it was right for me!

03 What challenges you in your role? What do you enjoy the most about it?

I am still learning and continuing to learn new things daily. The most challenging part is to take the right decisions on behalf of the team and make sure that the team is happy. 

What I enjoy the most is helping my team members, and overseeing their growth and nurturing them so they can reach their potential.

04 How would you describe the culture in Eskimi in three words?

Flexible, ambitious, collaborative.

05 What principles do you follow in your life? Do they help you in your job as well?

When I took the role, I was only the 4th Account Manager in the team (now we have 20). 

I saw the whole growth and journey up till now. I enjoyed the creative, strategic and technical part of the role. Therefore, new initiatives or ideas were naturally flowing into my mind. 

I contributed to setting new processes and workflows for the team and I have always enjoyed this part. When the time came to appoint a new lead of the team, I believe my past contribution and proactivity influenced this decision.

06 What would you advise to someone seeking a similar career to yours? Any tips you’d give to your past self?

This particular career and industry is very fast-paced and requires one to be a professional multi-tasker! 

You have to be creative, tech-savvy and have an analytical mind to go into this role, however, working with big brands such as Coca-Cola, Visa, and similar is rewarding on its own and equips you with valuable experience. 

My advice would be to develop a go-getter mindset and remember that hard work always pays off.