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Stada fulfills its sales plan by a whopping 112%

As opposed to another programmatic platform that we tried, Eskimi allows advertising not only in apps but also on the web. This definitely helped us achieve better results. I also like the targeting options Eskimi can offer and insightful suggestions we can get from the team.
Our goal with the campaign with Eskimi was to beat the competition that outsells us. We focused our efforts on impressions and reach, and results exceeded our expectations.
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Since a person is only as old as he feels, we can go far more than just targeting by age.


Health seeker that has specific consumer interests related to family, who actively visit sites about family wellness and children's growth.


Health-conscious consumer with particular interest in alternative & natural Medicine and frequently visiting websites that offer advice on organic and natural.

Independently Healthy

Patients actively visit and contribute to forums and sites about health to educate themselves on treatment options, drug alternatives and therapies.

Busy professionals

With a keen interest in business and career planning, professionals are likely to work from business centers or engage with professional news and forums related to business and investing.

Fitness enthusiasts

Active lifestyle seekers also demonstrate an interest in nutrition and dietary supplements. They are frequent gyms and yoga centers visitors and may also utilize fitness apps at home.

Healthcare Professionals

Focused on professional growth, healthcare professionals visit the healthcare industry news sites, or you can approach those who have already engaged with your brand.

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