Eskimi x Jambojet: Revolutionizing Air Travel With the "AffordableSkies" Campaign

Navigating a diverse audience with varying travel needs and preferences.
Eskimi's precision targeting and cost-effective campaigns.
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Eskimi x Jambojet: Revolutionizing Air Travel With the "AffordableSkies" Campaign

Navigating a diverse audience with varying travel needs and preferences.
Eskimi's precision targeting and cost-effective campaigns.

Crafting a High-Performing Campaign Amidst Diverse Challenges

Jambojet, a leading low-cost airline in Kenya, required a solution that could navigate the complexity of its diverse audience while remaining  cost-effective.

Jambojet’s  Challenge: Reaching a Diverse Audience Seeking Affordable Flights

As Kai Ibrahim, a key team member at Jambojet, explained, "Our audience is incredibly diverse, cutting across different age groups and travel habits. We needed a way to talk to them in their language."

Why Eskimi?

Eskimi’s expertise in programmatic advertising and its novel ad formats offered Jambojet  a unique approach to their digital advertising strategy. "What Eskimi allowed us was just the right  targeting. It was very specific. We know who travels  on these flights. The challenge was, how do we target these people? Eskimi helped us pinpoint and engage the right audience," Kai added.

Collaborative Strategy and Campaign Overview

The two collaborators worked together to create an ad campaign that targeted different segments of Jambojet’s customer base, from those who fly frequently to those who have never flown before. The "AffordableSkies" campaign used Eskimi's precision targeting capabilities to ensure that the right message reached the right audience.

Innovation in Creative Development

Jambojet chose the floating ad format for its disruptive and engaging visual aspect. As Kai Ibrahim explains, “It’s a fun and engaging thing to look at, especially when a plane cuts across your screen and then an ad pops up. It’s very novel, and we've never used  an ad format  animated to this degree before.”

A Flight of Success: Breaking Down the Numbers

The campaign was measured using key performance indicators like CTR, viewability, actual clicks, and CPC. The results were overwhelming:

  • CTR: 9.82%
  • Viewability: 82%
  • Actual Clicks: 178% increase
  • Actual CPC: 62.5% decrease

The campaign reached and engaged with the audience it intended to, and at a cost much lower than expected, exceeding all expectations.

The Strategic Importance of Publisher Selection in Digital Campaigns

Selecting the right publishers for a campaign can make or break its success, and this aspect was seriously considered for the "AffordableSkies" campaign. As Kai Ibrahim states, "We thought that the right audience would be people who were actively consuming news content online."

They zeroed in on five local news publishers that received high traffic in the Eldoret and Lamu regions to drive a campaign that would resonate best with their target audience, primarily business-minded individuals.

The Metrics That Matter: Setting Campaign KPIs

While many advertisers might focus on many KPIs, Jambojet and Eskimi set specific goals. Kai Ibrahim said, "The KPI for this campaign was clicked to our website. We were not expecting to blow the roof with the; we just wanted to be create awareness on the affordable direct flights from our Mombasa Hub to Eldoret, and from our Nairobi Hub to Lamu "

They meticulously measured the performance indicators that mattered most to them, leading to a click-through rate that exceeded expectations.

The Eskimi Edge: Advantages over Other Platforms

When comparing Eskimi to other ad platforms, Kai Ibrahim highlighted three key areas: targeting capabilities, diverse creative formats, and ease of reporting.

"Eskimi enables us to view campaign performance and make adjustments as seamlessly and easily as possible," he added.

Eskimi's ease of use, targeting capabilities, and reporting features make it a valuable asset for any marketer looking to optimize their digital campaigns.

Local Currency Payments: Adapting to Market Conditions

In a volatile economy, the ability to transact in a local currency can be a game-changer. Eskimi made it simple for Jambojet to transition their transactions to Kenyan Shillings in response to fluctuating dollar rates. "We really appreciate that we were able to switch to just paying in Kenyan shillings," said Kai Ibrahim, emphasizing how this feature allowed them to keep operation costs low.

The Real-World Impact: Beyond Clicks and Metrics

While digital campaigns often measure their success based on online metrics, the true impact is felt when it trickles down to real-world outcomes. According to Kai Ibrahim, "the biggest impact, of course, is the growth of awareness. You could see the actual real-world impact of our awareness campaigns by observing the number of new bookings and passenger numbers for the two flight routes."

The Power of Retargeting and Continuous Learning

Refining campaign strategies based on performance is crucial in any advertising ecosystem. Continuous learning through the Eskimi platform has helped JJambojet become better equipped to effectively target its desired customer segments.

The 'AffordableSkies' campaign demonstrated the transformative power of well-executed programmatic advertising. By tapping into the expertise of both parties, Jambojet and Eskimi managed not just to meet but exceed their campaign objectives. The collaboration showcased the synergy that can be achieved when brands leverage state-of-the-art technology and strategic insight to navigate the complex landscape of digital advertising.

With the help of the local Eskimi team, by simply setting up the conversion and retargeting pixels on our website, we're able to get very granular with the kind of people we’re targeting.
Kai Ibrahim
Key Team Member at Jambojet

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