Receiving recognition from Eskimi is a big part of my professional growth

Joshua Prottoy
Regional Manager South East Asia

01 What do you do at Eskimi? What is your typical day like?

I am a Regional Growth Manager, South Asia. I usually start my day by checking my mails and responding them. Then I go through Pipedrive, check and monitor the stats of the team, and then my day continues with meetings. 

I usually have internal 1:1s, team/internal calls, client meetings/calls, and sometimes client visits.  

02 What was the main factor that influenced you to join Eskimi?

I used to work for another programmatic platform before joining Eskimi. The platform and the brand presence in the market attracted me to join Eskimi.

03 What challenges you in your role? What do you enjoy the most about it?

Challenges in this role are pretty dynamic. There are internal and external challenges, there are personal and team challenges as well. 

But one of the biggest daily challenges is to keep the team motivated, aligned towards the goal, and keep them focused on the desired target while creating the environment to grow.

I enjoy working with my team. They are full of fun and energy who never lets me down.

04 How would you describe the culture in Eskimi in three words?

Dynamic, fun, aggressive.

05 You’ve been working at ESKIMI for 5 years already and made really nice career. Tell us more about this growth!

I joined Eskimi as a Business Development manager and now I am responsible for the South Asian region. It was a long and challenging journey, however, it feels like everything happened so fast. 

I was responsible for bringing growth in Bangladesh, then Nepal, and now South Asia. I’ve kept delivering and growing, and Eskimi recognized my hardwork. 

Behind this growth, a major credit goes to my teammates who always supported me and motivated me to do better.

06 What would you advise to someone seeking a similar career to yours? Any tips you’d give to your past self?

Hard-work and perseverance are the key. You need to stick to your focus, stay positive, and overlook the negative side. Believe that there is always a scope of improvement. Never stop learning. 

And if you want to be a technical sales person, develop your technical knowledge and always ask questions.