54 AdTech & MarTech Events You Should Attend in 2024

April 15, 2024
10 minutes

As we step into 2024, the adtech and martech sectors continue to evolve at a breathtaking pace. So, knowing the right events to attend is crucial – as they’re where the latest industry trends are set and strategies shaped. 

To keep you in the loop, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of this year’s key adtech, martech, and advertising events, trade shows, and conferences around the globe. 

Use it as your go-to library of places where the action happens, industry leaders meet, and partnerships begin. 

1. CES 2024

ces logo

Date: January 9-12

Location: Las Vegas, USA

CES 2024, hosted by the Consumer Technology Association, is the ultimate tech hub. It's where the tech world meets, from industry giants to innovative startups, covering everything from AI and IoT to the latest in adtech and martech.

The event stands out for bringing the entire tech spectrum together under one roof – making it the go-to event to see technology in action, form new partnerships, and connect with leaders shaping the industry’s future.

2. Adweek Outlook

aw outlook logo

Date: January 23

Location: New York, USA

Adweek Outlook 2024 shines with its Adweek Podcast Lounge. This area hosts live interviews for some of Adweek's most popular podcasts, such as “Marketing Vanguard” and “Yeah, That’s Probably an Ad.” 

Here, key figures in media and advertising, such as Wanda Pogue from VaynerMedia and Mary Ann Reilly from Visa, discuss current trends and how this year's events – like the Presidential election and the Summer Olympics – will shape the industry. 

3. ICE London

ice logo

Date: February 6-8

Location: London, UK

ICE London is a significant nexus for the gaming world, connecting 45,000 professionals and 600+ solutions experts across all gaming sectors. It's a deep dive into gaming tech’s future, especially at its crossroads with adtech and martech.

Attendees can expect high-level networking, fresh market opportunities, and clear insights into the latest trends in digital and interactive gaming.

4. The Global Virtual Martech Summit 

the martech summit logo

Date: February 21

Location: Online

The Global Virtual MarTech Summit, spanning the EMEA and APAC regions, brings together 20+ industry leaders from names like Zalando and Wolt. The focus? AI, full-funnel marketing, and talent acquisition. 

This dual-track summit offers attendees practical insights into successes and failures in the martech field – so you can get a comprehensive view of the industry. 

5. Campaign TV Advertising Summit

campaign logo

Date: February 27

Location: London, UK

The Campaign TV Advertising Summit 2024 – as the name implies – tackles the dynamic world of TV advertising. This event covers everything from advanced data solutions to crafting impactful TV campaigns. 

Attendees explore the art and science of TV advertising, content evolution, effective strategies, and ad spend optimization. It’s a must-attend for advertisers, agencies, and tech innovators.

6. Engage Martech

engage martech

Date: March 7

Location: London, UK

Engage Martech's Future of Marketing Conference gathers over 400 attendees for a day rich in presentations and roundtable sections. It zooms in on transitioning from product-focused to customer-centric B2B marketing, using tech for tailored, impactful strategies. 

Key topics are maximizing growth through marketing tech, analytics, content marketing, and AI’s role in marketing. This conference is a prime networking hub, offering case studies and insights into the latest and greatest of martech. 

7. Connected TV World Summit 

ctv summit logo

Date: March 12-13

Location: London, UK

The Connected TV World Summit is a premier event in the international TV distribution market. Known for its thought leadership, the summit combines insights on market context, business strategy, and technological advances. 

The summit draws industry experts and delegates from key global markets – as it’s a crucial platform for exploring new opportunities and addressing challenges. All through emphasizing practical implementation and global best practices.

8. The MarTech Conference

martech conference

Date: March 19-20

Location: Online

At the MarTech Conference, marketing leaders delve into the latest in AI-driven marketing. The event emphasizes practical strategies for memorable customer experiences, touching on AI integration, team collaboration, and the fusion of B2B with B2C tactics. 

Key topics include analytics, personalization, and data-driven marketing. Ideal for digital marketers, tech-savvy brand strategists, and CMOs at the crossroads of technology and marketing. 

9. Web Summit Rio

web summit rio logo

Date: April 15-18

Location: Rio, Brazil

Web Summit Rio 2024, building on its successful 2023 edition with 21,000 participants, is set to welcome even more this year – over 30,000 attendees, including 700+ investors and 1,000+ startups. It’s happening in one of the world’s most vibrant cities, after all. 

Known for its powerful lineup of speakers and networking opportunities, this summit is a must-attend event for those looking to dive deep into the thriving South American tech scene and the global startup ecosystem. 

10. Techspo

techspo logo

Date: Multiple dates 

Location: Multiple locations

Techspo, spanning multiple dates and locations globally, is where business and technology meet for discovery, networking, and inspiration. The exhibition brings together developers, marketers, innovators, and technology providers.

This year, the event series focuses on the next generation of internet, mobile, adtech, martech, and SaaS technologies. 

11. Modern Retail Commerce Summit

modern retail logo

Date: April 15-17

Location: New Orleans, US

The Modern Retail Commerce Summit focuses on the evolving intersection of retail and technology – how online companies integrate into brick-and-mortar and how traditional retailers embrace digital. 

Key talks? Integrating  e-commerce tech stacks into traditional stores and fresh digital marketing strategies. The lineup features executives from BOBBIE, OLLY, GOPUFF, BOMBAS, and more. 

12. POSSIBLE ’24

possible logo

Date: April 15-17

Location: Miami, US

POSSIBLE ’24 promises to gather 190 speakers across 14 tracks for an impactful marketing conference and expo experience. It will offer masterclasses, workshops, and an exposition focused on marketing, media, and technology innovations. 

The event aims to be a centerpiece for marketers and media professionals to share ideas and visions, with a strong emphasis on engaging and immersive experiences.

13. The Future of Audio & Entertainment Europe

the future of audio and entertainment logo

Date: April 18

Location: London, UK

The Future of Audio & Entertainment Conference, presented by Adwanted Events, dives into the dynamic advertising landscape across various entertainment mediums. This event merges audio, gaming, sports, TV & film, AR, VR, social media, and AI insights.

It's a strategic meeting point for media businesses, agencies, and executives to discuss the market context, business strategies, and tech advancements of audio and entertainment advertising.

14. Brand Safety Summit London

brand safety summit logo

Date: April 30

Location: London, UK

Brand Safety Summit London offers a fresh look at digital safety in advertising. The event starts with a half-day session on programmatic advertising's role in digital safety. Expect insights from data and identity solution experts, along with perspectives from email marketing and retail media. 

Building on last year's success, the main event on May 1 brings together voices from top brands like H&R Block and Nestlé for real-world discussions. It's a prime opportunity for insightful exchanges and networking among agencies, advertisers, and tech pioneers.

15. FUTR Europe

futr europe logo

Date: May 1

Location: London, United Kingdom

FUTR Europe gathers over 500 executives from retail, marketing, and commerce to discuss the latest consumer trends, e-commerce strategies, marketing innovations, and the role of data and tech in customer experiences. 

The event promises both startups and seasoned brands will find fresh insights and practical takeaways for their strategies. 

16. Prebid Ascent: London

prebid ascent london logo

Date: May 1

Location: London, UK

Prebid Ascent marks Prebid's inaugural European event, a deep dive into privacy-centric, ad-supported digital arenas. Industry leaders discuss the integration of CTV and in-app advertising, highlighting Prebid’s role in this progression. 

It's a key forum for publishers, ad-tech companies, and buyers to tackle challenges and leverage Prebid’s open-source solutions for revenue growth. Expect engaging dialogues and contributions to the future of programmatic advertising.

17. Smart Retail Tech

smart retail tech logo

Date: May 8-9

Location: Las Vegas, USA

The Smart Retail Tech Expo in Las Vegas brings together retail professionals to explore new trends in customer experience. 

Featuring speakers like Robert Daigle from Lenovo and Nidhi Sen from Target, the expo discusses the integration of AI and digital innovation in retail. It's a stage for sharing how tech enhances both physical and online shopping, offering actionable insights for retailers navigating the digital landscape.

18. Strategic Marketing West

reuters events logo

Date: May 8-9 

Location: Los Angeles, California 

Strategic Marketing West brings together more than 50 industry experts and 250 senior leaders for an in-depth exploration of AI in marketing. With over 30 sessions, the focus is on personalizing customer interactions, scaling content creation, and leveraging automation for revenue.

It's an insightful forum for CMOs and marketing innovators to exchange customer engagement and growth strategies. Expect practical knowledge and networking opportunities with peers across various industries.

19. AdWeek - Sports Marketing

adweek logo

Date: May 9

Location: New York, USA 

The Adweek Sports Marketing Summit is where brand marketing meets sports. Ideal for professionals in marketing, brand management, and creative roles, it’s also geared toward social media and operations. Retail, food & beverage, automotive, and B2B marketers will find value here, too. 

The summit explores the intersection of sports marketing with martech and adtech, focusing on digital transformation, fan engagement, and storytelling. Attendees will gain strategies for using technology, creating immersive experiences, and adapting to shifts in sports broadcasting.

20. Advertising Week New York

advertising week new york logo

Date: May 14-16

Location: New York, USA

Advertising Week New York is a cornerstone event for the ad industry, showcasing the latest trends and innovations. 

Though details for 2024 are still unfolding, attendees can expect a broad spectrum of topics, from AI in marketing to new digital platforms. It’s a hub for insightful discussions and networking, led by advertising's key players. Ideal for those wanting to stay ahead in advertising strategies and tech.

21. Advertising Week Europe

advertising week europe logo

Date: May 14-16

Location: London, United Kingdom

Mirroring its counterpart in New York, Advertising Week Europe, is another seminal event in the ad industry. As with the New York edition, details for 2024 are still taking shape, but participants can anticipate a similar breadth of topics. 

Expect sessions on AI in marketing, the latest in digital platforms, and more. It’s a prime venue for engaging discussions and forming connections, with key industry figures leading the way. Tailored for those keen on keeping a finger on the pulse of European advertising strategies and technology.

22. Digiday Programmatic Marketing Summit

digiday programmatic summit logo

Date: May 15

Location: Palm Springs, USA

The Digiday Programmatic Marketing Summit provides a concentrated space for brand and agency leaders to delve into programmatic advertising's pressing issues. The agenda covers digital transformation, the rise of audio ads, AI’s role in advertising, and crafting relevant ad experiences. 

Attendees will immerse in the latest trends and tech advancements, gaining insights to refine their programmatic strategies. It’s tailored for leaders in the field aiming for business growth through programmatic marketing.

23. Programmatic I/O - AdExchanger

adexchange programmatic summit logo

Date: May 20-22

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Programmatic I/O’s Commerce Media Summit in Las Vegas is a key gathering for commerce media professionals. It offers expert insights and networking, with a focus on trends like retail media, data privacy, and programmatic TV. 

This summit is essential for marketers, advertisers, and publishers aiming to master the rapidly changing commerce media landscape.

24. Ad Age TV & Streaming Summit

adage logo

Date: May 21

Location: Online

Ad Age's TV & Streaming Summit assembles ad sales leaders, agency executives, brand representatives, and measurement experts to analyze the 2024 television marketplace.

This summit is a melting pot of ideas and innovations, shedding light on the industry's latest developments. A prime venue for brand marketers and media buyers to adapt their strategies to these changes, it also serves as an excellent networking opportunity to stay current with TV and streaming trends.

25. AntiCon

anticon logo

Date: May 22-23

Location: London, United Kingdom

AntiCon presents a fresh perspective on marketing transformation. The event combines in-person and virtual sessions, including a special Marketing Leaders Dinner. It explores themes like AI, marketing tools, growth strategies, and data insights, featuring speakers such as Scott Brinker and Elfried Samba. 

AntiCon is designed for valuable learning and networking. It offers practical insights and a unique community experience, capped off with an "AntiCon After Dark" party.

26. Infoshare Conference

infoshare logo

Date: May 22-23

Location: Gdansk, Poland

Infoshare 2024, Central and Eastern Europe’s biggest tech and startup event, is happening in Gdańsk, Poland, with an online stream for wider access. It attracts over 6,500 participants, including developers, business leaders, and tech enthusiasts. The event features seven stages with topics ranging from business trends to coding and data science. 

Highlights include a startup contest with a €20,000 prize and speakers like Jeff Gothelf and Aleksandra Przegalińska. Infoshare also offers networking opportunities, side events, and online resources.

27. Digital Travel Connect

digital travel connect logo

Date: May 23-24

Location: St Albans, UK

Digital Travel Connect Europe 2024 is a premier event for travel industry leaders in e-commerce, digital marketing, and customer experience. The event promises an intimate setting with decision-makers from top airlines, hotels, and OTAs.

Attendees can expect tailored agendas, private expert-led sessions, and one-on-one meetings with select vendors, including speakers from companies like Lufthansa and Marriott. Key topics include marketing and AI-driven personalization. 

28. Swiss Martech Summit

swiss martech summit logo

Date: May 28

Location: Winterthur, Switzerland

The Swiss MarTech Summit, hosted by MarTech Lab and ZHAW, is a key gathering for marketing technology professionals in Switzerland.

Speakers like Lisa Zimmermann (AI & Data Strategy Lead at PostFinance AG) and Scott Brinker (VP of Platform Ecosystem at Hubspot) will share insights on Swiss martech tools, trends, and case studies.

Attendees can expect valuable networking and learning opportunities in the martech sector.

29. Shoptalk Europe

shoptalk europe logo

Date: June 3-5

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Shoptalk Europe is a major retail event for digital transformation, attracting over 4,000 industry professionals, including C-suite executives from retailers, consumer brands, and tech providers. 

The summit, with speakers from Carrefour to P&G, offers deep insights into retail trends. Its program includes discussions, networking sessions, and exclusive dinners, facilitating valuable connections and learning opportunities.

30. EMERCE Digital Marketing LIVE

emerce logo

Date: June 6

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Emerce Digital Marketing stands out as a key forum for online marketing trends. It blends sessions from major brands and startups alongside tech demos. 

With over 2,000 digital professionals, from senior managers to C-level executives, the event fosters innovative content and networking within the digital marketing community.

31. London Tech Week

london tech week 2024 logo

Date: June 10-14

Location: London, United Kingdom

London Tech Week annually gathers global innovators and tech leaders at Olympia London to discuss and discover tech trends and advancements. 

This event features keynotes, panels, and an immersive expo, providing insights and networking for everyone from startup founders to corporate executives. It offers deep insights into tech trends and a platform for connecting with the broader tech community.

32. Digital Enterprise Show

des logo

Date: June 11-13

Location: Malaga, Spain

DES 2024 is all about the impact of AI and advanced technologies on business. It's an interactive platform for exploring digital trends, offering conferences and exhibitions. This event is a meeting point for those eager to share experiences and drive digital progress in their industries.

33. The MarTech Summit: Jakarta

martech summit logo

Date: June 20

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Returning for its second run in Jakarta, the MarTech Summit: Jakarta is a convergence of the brightest minds in marketing technology. It's a chance for CMOs, directors, and other marketing leaders to engage in insightful discussions, from panel talks to keynote presentations. 

This event offers a unique opportunity to network, learn about the latest tools, and explore innovative strategies in marketing technology.

34. DigiMarCon Florida

digimarcon logo

Date: June 20-21

Location: Miami, USA

DigiMarCon Florida 2024 is where the buzz of digital marketing comes alive at the stunning JW Marriott Miami Turnberry Resort & Spa. It's a space where marketing, media, and advertising professionals come to network, get inspired, and bring fresh strategies back to their teams.

It covers AI, content marketing, social media, and more, making it perfect for those eager to excel in digital marketing. Access is flexible – you can choose between in-person and online options.

35. #DMWF Global 2024

dmwf global logo

Date: June 25-26

Location: London, UK

With over 5,000 participants, the Digital Marketing World Forum is a hub of activity, featuring more than 300 speakers and 250 exhibitors. This year, it has ten tracks and will focus on areas like omnichannel marketing, influencer strategies, and AI-driven marketing automation. 

Attendees, mostly senior-level professionals, immerse themselves in a world of cutting-edge insights and strategies. This is a useful setting for industry leaders to share knowledge and showcase innovations.

36. The MarTech Summit: Hong Kong

the martech summit logo

Date: July 9

Location: Hong Kong, China

The MarTech Summit in Hong Kong is another event presenting the latest in marketing technology. Attendees can expect insights into high-performance martech  solutions with panels, fireside chats, and keynotes. 

It's an environment rich in networking opportunities, offering insights from senior executives across various functions. 

37. TiG Conference

tig conference logo

Date: July 23-24

Location: Canberra, Australia

Tech in Gov is Australia's premier government ICT event, bringing together top minds to discuss digital transformation, AI, and cyber security. The event is a nexus for ICT managers, CIOs, and government professionals. 

Over 100 industry-leading technology providers from the government and private sectors will be there to showcase and discuss topics like cyber security and AI.

38. Data & Programmatic Insider Summit

data & programmatic insider summit logo

Date: August 21-24

Location: Lake Tahoe, USA

Set against the Sierra Nevada's stunning scenery, the Data & Programmatic Insider Summit combines informative sessions with networking in a luxurious, collaborative setting. Attendees will explore digital topics from programmatic strategy and AI to cyber security. 

Top industry experts provide insights, enriching marketing strategies for brand marketers and agency executives. The event also offers complimentary passes for qualified professionals who want to share knowledge and connect over three days.

39. DigiMarCon UK

digimarcon uk logo

Date: August 29

Location: London, United Kingdom

DigiMarCon UK 2024 marks a grand return to in-person events at the 5-star Sofitel London Heathrow Hotel. It's the UK's premier conference for digital marketing, offering a blend of bold speakers, emerging strategies, and cutting-edge technology. 

Attendees, both in-person and online, can expect to delve into a wide range of topics from AI to social media. The event is a perfect mix of learning, networking, and practical insights, designed to equip professionals for success in the digital world.

40. ATS London 2024

ats london logo

Date: September 10

Location: London, United Kingdom

ATS London 2024 is another vital gathering for those in media, marketing, and commerce. This one-day conference offers a balanced blend of expert talks and practical sessions. 

Expect a mix of tailored content and engaging interactions. The diverse global turnout includes agencies, advertisers, and tech providers. It's an opportunity for over 600 professionals to share insights and build networks.

41. DMEXCO 2024 Expo

dmexpo conference logo

Date: September 18-19

Location: Cologne, Germany

DMEXCO 2024 in Cologne is a gathering point for digital industry leaders, where marketing, media, and tech intersect. The event showcases an expo with leading industry partners alongside features like a lead scoring system for strategic connections. 

With “DMEXCO Stories,” attendees can explore current trends in depth, while the “DMEXCO Podcast” offers exclusive industry insights. 

42. HubSpot’s INBOUND 

inbound logo

Date: September 18-20

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

INBOUND, HubSpot’s three-day conference in Boston, MA, draws a diverse crowd of marketing and sales pros. It's known for offering practical, actionable insights in its sessions that actually help for professional growth. 

The event is a networking hub for those passionate about marketing, sales, and customer success. Attendees get to hear from industry leaders, gaining fresh perspectives to face challenges confidently. Beyond education, INBOUND provides a 360° experience with community-building, entertainment, and wellness activities.

43. NEXT Conference

next conference logo

Date: September 19

Location: Hamburg, Germany

The NEXT Conference is a day of keynotes and networking. Attendees, from digital decision-makers to creative thinkers, will explore tech trends and human behavior.

The conference includes insightful talks and access to the Reeperbahn Festival concerts and associated events. It's a blend of professional insight and sensory experiences, all aimed at guiding future trends and innovations.

44. Programmatic I/O

programmatic io new york logo

Date: September 24-25

Location: New York, USA

The Programmatic I/O conference brings together elite speakers, attendees, and sponsors with a focus on educating marketers, publishers, and agencies on the latest advancements in programmatic advertising. 

It's an opportunity for professionals to gain in-depth knowledge, network with industry leaders, and explore new strategies in the field of programmatic marketing.

45. Digiday Media Buying Summit

digiday media buying summit logo

Date: TBD

Location: TBD

The Digiday Media Buying Summit is a key gathering for media buying executives. It focuses on the sector's largest opportunities and solutions. The event facilitates discussions on industry evolution and provides a platform for leaders to engage with decision-makers. 

Attendees can expect a blend of main-stage sessions and town hall discussions, fostering new ideas and valuable business connections in media buying.

46. Digital Transformation Week

digital transformation logo

Date: October 1-2

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Digital Transformation Week Global is a hub for exploring key facets of digital change, from infrastructure and cloud to the future of work and sustainability. 

It's part of TechEx Events, which incorporates themes like AI and IoT. The event dives into strategies for enhancing customer engagement and nurturing a digital-first culture. 

It's an ideal setting for those looking to advance in areas like automation and RPA, with over 6000 professionals, including CTOs and directors of emerging tech, gathering to share insights and explore new tech.

47. Revtech Nordic

revtech logo

Date: October 2

Location: Helsinki, Finland

The Revtech Nordic 2024 cuts through the noise to show how technology can drive data-driven revenue growth. It challenges the common belief that more tools automatically mean more revenue, shifting the focus to strategic tool consolidation and efficiency.

It’s ideal for marketing, sales, and digital leaders. The agenda revolves around cross-functional collaboration, data-driven strategies, and leveraging AI and analytics. It's all about honing pricing, marketing, and customer service tactics for a competitive edge. 

48. G2E | Global Gaming Expo

g2e logo

Date: October 7-10

Location: Las Vegas, USA

Global Gaming Expo (G2E) is the gaming industry’s cornerstone event. Over 25,000 professionals from 115+ countries come together to push the boundaries of gaming innovation. 

With 350+ exhibitors, G2E is brimming with the latest trends and future-shaping solutions. Attendees can dive into 100+ educational sessions – epicenter for networking, learning, and discovering new business avenues in gaming. 

49. Technology & Innovation EMEA

technology & innovation summit emea logo

Date: October 9-11

Location: London, UK

The Technology & Innovation Summit 2024 sharpens its focus on the AI-led tech revolution, targeting tech, data, and security leaders. In an era of economic and geopolitical flux, the event advocates for a blend of optimism and realism. 

The summit is a breeding ground for top tech talent, embracing new and legacy technologies with a keen eye on security and resilience. Attendees will fine-tune IT strategies, bolster tech infrastructures, and forge new partnerships, all aimed at using AI and data-driven insights for transformative results.

50. Web Summit

web summit logo

Date: November 11-14

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Web Summit in Lisbon, recognized as a pivotal tech gathering, brings together over 70,000 attendees for its robust lineup of speakers, networking, and innovative event technology. 

Celebrated as both “Glastonbury for geeks” and the “world’s largest tech conference,” it’s a hotspot for experts across tech, business, and sustainability. Attendees gain insights from tech leaders, authors, athletes, and actors. 

51. Sigma Europe

sigma europe logo

Date: November 11-14

Location: Malta, Malta

SiGMA Europe, a leading summit in the gaming industry, brings together industry professionals from around the globe. The event is known for its focus on the latest gaming innovations and insights into market trends. 

Attendees can expect influential speakers, interactive discussions, and networking opportunities. This summit is ideal for those involved in gaming and looking to stay ahead in this rapidly evolving sector.

52. Videoweek Roadmap

videoweek roadmap logo

Date: November 14

Location: London, UK

VideoWeek Roadmap focuses on the ever-changing landscape of video and CTV advertising in 2025. This one-day conference, a key event for industry professionals, features speakers from leading companies like Warner Bros, Paramount, and Uber. 

Attendees explore significant topics such as AI, ML technology, full-funnel marketing, talent acquisition, and more, delivered through fireside chats and panel discussions. 

53. Digiday Programmatic Marketing Summit

digiday programmatic marketing summit

Date: December

Location: New Orleans, USA

The Digiday Programmatic Marketing Summit is a key event for programmatic marketing leaders. It’s where the field's top minds discuss the industry’s biggest challenges, from measurement and data issues to emerging channels.

Attendees can expect main-stage sessions, town halls, and one-to-one meetings, which will facilitate connections between decision-makers, innovative vendors, and fresh ideas.

54. The Future of TV Advertising Global

the future of tv advertising global logo

Date: December 5-6

Location: London, United Kingdom

The Future of TV Advertising Global, returning to Kings Place in London this December, unites TV advertising experts from around the globe. The event is known for its A-list lineup of industry pioneers, covering both the sell-side and buy-side.

Attendees will delve into current issues and best practices set to influence the next decade in TV advertising. It's an opportunity for face-to-face interactions and gaining insights from international leaders in the field.

Philip is the CMO of Eskimi. When he’s not busy growing the Eskimi brand, he spends his time with family and playing ping pong.
Philip is the CMO of Eskimi. When he’s not busy growing the Eskimi brand, he spends his time with family and playing ping pong.
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