November 18 at 16:00 (GTM +2)

Webinar: How to Beat Telco market wars

Game-changing marketing tool for customer win-back and acquisition

Vytautas Jakštys

Chief Product Officer

Learn how pinpoint targeting and comprehensive offline migration insights will win-back lost customers, gain new ones, and target competitor churners.

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Join us and learn about:

Innovative self-service platform to manage your Telco marketing campaigns.
Built-in solutions for Telco to win back and acquire new customers, when tracking them both, online and offline.
An easy three-step process to analyze and improve your campaigns’ effectiveness.

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What you will gain?

Telecoms - new insights on how to:

Maintain your revenue sustainability with personalised ad campaigns, leading to customers win-back
Grow your market share when reaching new heights in customer acquisition

Agencies - new ways on how to:

Increase sales opportunities with your Telco clients
Improve trusted relationships with existing Telco clients
Grow your market share and enlist new Telcos for your services