Beat Telco market wars November 18, 2021

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From our experience with global telecoms and ad agencies, we know the biggest challenges you’re facing day-to-day. Innovative technology gives us the tools to come up with the out-of-the-box programmatic solutions to reach new heights in your Telco customers win-back and acquisition.

During this webinar you will learn about:

Innovative self-service platform to manage your Telco marketing campaigns.
Built-in tailor-made programmatic solutions to win-back and acquire new Telco customers,
Simple three-step process to analyse and improve your campaigns’ effectiveness.

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Why to participate?

Telecoms will gain new insights how to

maximise ROI while taking instant action in your ads with performance analytics that save you time, effort, and money
directly increase revenue with campaigns that personalise client experience, leading to win-backs and new customers.

Ad agencies will explore new ways to

Increase sales opportunities with your telco clients.
Improve trusted relationships with existing telco customers.
Grow your market share and enlist new telcos for your services.