The Eskimi Survey for CMO is getting closer!

We’d like to invite all attendees to participate in a short survey ahead of the event.

How optimistic are you about the overall Kenya economy on 0-10 scale with 0 being least optimistic and 10 most optimistic?
How has the role of marketing in your company changed during the last year?
What marketing objectives have you been focused on during the last year? (multiple selection)
Considering marketing opportunities, what activities have you shifted resources to during the pandemic? 
Rank your customers’ top three priorities over the next 12 months (3 selections) Customer experience
 How much do customers trust your brand (1 - significantly below the industry average, 10 - significantly above the industry average)
To what degree has the use of digital marketing contributed to your company’s performance during last year (1 - not at all, 7 - very high)
Think about your company’s digital marketing knowledge and skills, rate your company’s expertise level ( 1 - significantly below industry average, 10 - significantly above industry average)
What investments did your company make to improve the performance of your digital marketing activities over the last year?
To what extent is your company implementing tools or machine learning into its marketing toolkit? (1 - not at all, 7 - very highly)
Which Kenyan company across all industries sets the standard for excellence in digital marketing?
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