The only AdTech platform that adds a +1 to your marketing team

Eskimi's platform and service combination helps you set the right KPIs, delivers hands-on guidance and runs ad campaigns - all on your brand’s or agency’s behalf.

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“The Eskimi team has shown itself as professional as possible. All requests are processed quickly and efficiently, our manager always offers the best options for advertising that meet the goals of the client."

Viktoria Borodavitsina
Head of Digital, ADV Group

“It is pleasure for us to have Eskimi’s team of professionals as our partners. No matter how difficult tasks are addressed, Eskimi is always there to support and find the best possible solutions. Our results and performance are always satisfying and exceed all expectations."

Izimova Assel
CEO, Pozitiv Media Group

"Eskimi DSP’s extensive pool of interactive formats, detailed targeting in various industries, and a great, proactive team - always taking a step ahead and doing more than you're expecting! The only plan for our future cooperation is growth!"

Adilbek Kadirbaev 
Digital Director, Dentsu 

Eskimi does an excellent job starting from pre-campaign insights, campaign launching, optimisation and campaign report. Eskimi's creative team offers a wide range of unique and interactive creative solutions in a very short time with such competitive rates that make them stand out in the market. "

Mostafa Torky
Integrated Media Manager, OMD

"Our customers are satisfied with their results and Eskimi's team exceeded all our expectations. It also worth mentioning that Eskimi's team of professionals are also helping us develop strategies for clients.

Inna Berezovska
Programmatic Leader, Starcom Ukraine

"I am very pleased to collaborate with Eskimi's amazing team of passionate individuals who consider both creative and tech aspects of this business in an equal ratio to always deliver the best possible results to our demanding clients, all deriving with the confidence and knowhow that has accumulated from years of presence in the global digital arena." 

Sol Saltiel
Founder - Managing Partner at Fast River

Full-stack programmatic advertising done with you or done for you

FMCG, telecom, banking providers and media agencies get growing brand awareness, reach and engagement with Eskimi.

Increase reach & brand awareness

Reach customers across publishers, apps or games, pick ad placements and cap the frequency of your ads.

Use geolocation targeting

Reach targeted audiences within a specific distance of single or multiple geolocations.

Maximise engagement with rich media

Increase brand recognition and engagement with creatives that gamify user experience.

Before Eskimi

You don't get enough in-depth data on your campaigns
The attention of the support team is lacking
No one can help you bring your crazy advertisement idea to life

After Eskimi

Thoroughly managed data shows every dollar spent
1-on-1 support takes care of your business and budget
Innovations & efficiency escalate your campaigns to the next level
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Show up in front of your target audience

Target users based on interest and qualities across 26 general categories, 280+ sub-categories and 2000+ sub-sub categories.

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Seize Telco data to your advantage

Track Multi-SIM, loyal, churn consumer segments, 3G/4G data consumption, compare your telecom audiences with competition using socio-economic class, device and OS usage.

Access geolocation targeting and footfall tracking

Target audiences by geographical area, specific building or any shape on a map and see how many users that viewed your ad visited the physical location of your business.

See detailed reports with a push of a button

Get real-time campaign reports, monitor performance and see how every dollar in your marketing budget is used.

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Global reach, local data and engaging creatives

Eskimi delivers optimised performance for brand awareness & engagement campaigns.

Intelligent optimization

Apply optimised bidding models that reach maximum efficiency, save money and get predictable CTRs, CPCs, CPVs, CPLs, and CPAs.

Geo-location targeting

Reach potential customers within walking distance from your store, billboard or any other target location.

Personalized ads

Boost ad engagement by automatically customizing ads - algorithms optimize your content based on live data.

1-on-1 support

Get dedicated help - the support team gives insights and feedback on poorly performing campaigns.

Footfall recognition

Track how many of your ad viewers have visited a physical location of your choice.

Rich media

Get tried & proven templates for capturing up to 15X more attention with video, audio and other elements.

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Done for you or done
with you

Use our platform’s functions solo or get our team to manage your campaigns based on experience from over 10,000+ campaigns.

You run it

Rich media - creatives templates
Supports all creative types (rich media, banners, native, video)
DSP - campaign setup, telco and device ID targeting
AdOps support
Data management platform (DMP)
Multichannel campaigns
Traffic discovery
Standard reports
Payment through PayPal, wire transfer, IO

We run it

Rich media - creatives templates
Supports all creative types (rich media, banners, native, video)
Custom rich media solutions
Custom reports
AdOps support
Data management platform (DMP) - geofence, device ID targeting, retargeting
Multichannel campaigns
Telco dashboard with user data
White label
Traffic discovery
Standard reports
Payment through PayPal, wire transfer, IO
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Frequently asked

Reach out and we’ll answer the questions you have on your mind. We’ll try to respond within the next working day.

What’s Eskimi in short?

Eskimi is a proprietary technology platform that allows brands and agencies run programmatic campaigns using different advertisement formats.

How does Eskimi collect data?

We combine thousands of unique 3rd & 1st party data points across user interests, location, devices, telecom data, behavior, and many more to provide the most accurate insights.

Can I create my own ad templates?

Yes! Our platform provides 20 standard templates of unique interactive ads, however, we’ll be happy to create custom rich media formats on your request.

What are my customer targeting options?

Our user data gives you more opportunities to segment users to satisfy their needs. We provide 4 different segment options: behavioral, placement, tech, and demographics, but that’s not all - these segments divide into many bullet points.

Is it possible to target specific audiences only with Eskimi?

Yes! By using Eskimi you’ll be able to choose unique audiences and target particular groups of consumers by industries such as telecom, automotive, FMCG, e-commerce, and many more.

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