Capture up to 15X more attention with engaging creatives

Use tried & proven templates for capturing up to 15X more attention with video, audio and other elements.

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Rich media offers more ways to involve your audience

Ads that include advanced features like video, audio, or other elements encourage viewers to interact and engage with your content.

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Here’s how we make creatives that exceed your KPIs

Our designers make your ideas happen based on data that comes from hundreds of successful campaigns.

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Our capabilities cover everything from game ads to drag & drop concepts to other fully custom html5 banners.

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Get a draft submission fast and approve or ask for adjustments.

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Your ads will grab attention to make the users perform your desired action — be it a Click To Website, SMS or more.

Save time and get predictable results

Make custom requests or use tried & proven templates for capturing up to 15X more attention with video, audio and other elements.

20 Ready-to-Use templates

Get ad creatives in minutes with our self-service creative builder. Choose a template and import your brand elements to create interactive, animated rich media ads for every format.

Custom rich media formats

Ask our team to prepare your creatives based on campaign data from over 10,000+ clients. Experiment with dynamic rich media ads and calculate audience insight with Eskimi, too.

High Engagement Rates

Increase audience interaction and ad recall by an average of 3-15% with creatives that gamify your advertising experience. Make your customers interact with your campaigns to skyrocket your ROI.

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What clients say about us

Use flawless ad templates or make your wildest digital dreams come true with the help of our team.

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What happens when Eskimi optimises your campaigns?

You get more out of every dollar invested. You get more brand awareness and recognition. And slowly but surely you’re setting your company on the path to success.

Burger King footfall campaign

Campaign goal

The main goal of the campaign was to increase physical store visits, from Online to Offline.

Resonating offer

Ads advertised offer which influenced even higher user engagement and store visits.

Relevant targeting

By combining competitor and customer targeting, it was possible to reach high-intent audiences.




Unique users


Traffic delivered to the store

Frequently asked

Reach out and we’ll answer the questions you have on your mind. We’ll try to respond within the next working day.

How many people could possibly see my content?

Through +45 supply sources, 2,5 million sites, apps, and SSP platform, Eskimi reaches more than 1,5 billion people worldwide.

What types of ads does Eskimi support?

We support display, video, native, and other advertising formats. Moreover, our rich media suite allows creating innovative solutions that drive higher consumer engagement and ad recall - this means we could bring your wildest ideas to life at your request.

How does Eskimi collect data?

We combine thousands of unique 3rd & 1st party data points across user interests, location, devices, telecom data, behavior, and many more to provide the most accurate insights.

Can I create my own ad templates?

Yes! Our platform provides 20 standard templates of unique interactive ads, however, we’ll be happy to create custom rich media formats on your request.

What’s Eskimi in short?

Eskimi is a proprietary technology platform that allows brands and agencies run programmatic campaigns using different advertisement formats.

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