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April 14, 2023
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With the ever-evolving landscape of digital advertising, the format garnering the highest engagement with users can be difficult to pinpoint. That’s where Eskimi comes in; we closely follow market trends and ad campaign results, and we’re here to describe what we think is the optimum ad unit to maximise viewability in targeted audiences.

One of our current best-sellers in advertising solutions is the floating ad. It has an abundance of advantages for our clients, including high visibility, a variety of forms, and an unparalleled CTR. With publishers being primarily concerned with how their on-site advertising affects their audiences, read on to learn about an effective branding technique that has guaranteed visibility while combating viewer irritation. 

Floating ads: more than a pop-up

Also known as a layer ad, the floating ad constitutes a distinct form of rich media. It can be static or move in its own way as it temporarily overlays a segment of the webpage. Either staying in place, or sweeping across the user’s view and settling somewhere on the page, it guarantees a higher visibility for the viewer. It will either disappear or be closed by the user, and just like the floating button, can appear in many shapes and sizes. 

This achieves an ad experience less intrusive than the likes of the pop-up, while being more noticeable than a banner ad. For reference, the pop-up ad appears as a secondary window that obstructs the use of the webpage until it is manually closed, while a banner fills the margins of the site with an image and text.

In video format, our floating ad is similar to the banner, but is more dynamic and offers a more complex tracking of audience behaviour using video metrics. These include, but are not limited to first and third quartiles, midpoint, VTR (View Through Rate), CPV (Cost per View), VCR (Video Completion Rate), Mute, and Pause. This far out-performs the analysis capabilities of the standard banner ad. 

The floating ad can thus be considered the best of both worlds, forming part of the webpage and not obstructing the user’s experience. 

The best kind of traffic

There are many upsides to involving floating ads in your next campaign. But let’s talk numbers. As indicated, it is far more distinctive than standard display ads, and more successful in generating conversion. Read ahead for completion rates and conversion ability that reveals the floating ad to be the superior advertising method. 


Its innovative nature garners higher interest in users, and depending on the market, a floating ad button can draw from 78% to as high as 95% viewability, which is an unparalleled advantage for companies that rely on brand awareness. 

High CTR

A thrilling click through rate is hard-sought. HubSpot suggests that standard CTR for display ads across industries can be as low as 0.36%, but studies have repeatedly shown that floating ads such as these generate much higher CTR, between 1.62% and 5%. The same can be said of our floating videos, achieving between 3% and 7% CTR, a beneficial solution to user engagement.  

At Eskimi, we have achieved extraordinary success in CTR by implementing floating ads. In the above link, Business Development Manager Cyrus Gichohi tells the story of one such ad where we were able to deliver 7% CTR. 

Video completion

Our own DSP analysis indicates the average VTR for a 30 second floating video can reach as high as 79%. 

Enjoy higher engagement with Eskimi today

Floating ads are another tool in the toolbox of Eskimi’s focus on rich media through programmatic advertising, capable of bolstering user engagement ten times over. 

A striking advantage of the floating ad in all its forms is its limitless creative potential. We are able to maximise the awareness of your brand by carefully customising your floating ad to your vision, and creating a truly unique experience for your potential customers.

With its personability and unique branding effect, the floating ad unit is a quintessential example of Eskimi’s passion for creative approaches to programmatic advertising. Its tracking ability allows for more complex data about your audience behaviour, and its memorable nature promotes a more refined branding awareness.

The team here at Eskimi are uniquely qualified to help you realise even your most out-there creative branding ideas, contact us at for a tailored advertising experience.

Philip is the CMO of Eskimi. When he’s not busy growing the Eskimi brand, he spends his time with family and playing ping pong.
Philip is the CMO of Eskimi. When he’s not busy growing the Eskimi brand, he spends his time with family and playing ping pong.
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