Top Telco Trends From 2022

April 14, 2023
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The last two years have prompted significant developments for industries across the world; the pandemic forced businesses to re-strategize to survive in their markets with the move to remote living. This is particularly true for telecoms; everyone became reliant on network connectivity to keep business and personal relationships afloat.  

Telcos have had to roll out better services while refining their approach to customer engagement and satisfaction. This means innovative, personalised advertising to reach potential and existing customers, and adapting alongside significant changes with digital advertising. 

New trends in solutions and practices have emerged over 2022 to tackle the biggest telcos challenges, such as customer loyalty and acquisition. We’re strong believers in the value of programmatic solutions for telecoms, so let’s go over the top four we at Eskimi believe are essential telcos consider going into 2023. 

Artificial intelligence 

AI and Machine Learning have proven themselves the largest new trend in business marketing today; since 2018, the share of global marketing investing in AI in their digital strategies has risen from 29% to over 80%.

AI is valuable in uses from customer service to marketing, and is particularly useful in predictive campaign optimisation, network preservation, and improved workflow. Telecoms have more customers and competition flowing in everyday. Implementing automation with AI in company infrastructures allow for improved business efficiency, letting telcos focus on new methods to improve customer satisfaction and engagement. 

Alongside optimising business, AI will help telcos create the ultimate ad success stories. Telcos will benefit from refined insights of customer behaviour, and applying them will generate revenue and market growth opportunities.

Big data

The global presence of telecoms and the growing focus on connectivity and service means brings an influx of data that is impossible to manage manually. The customer data available to telcos is one of the most comprehensive; it’s crucial to leverage to improve networks and customer engagement, and perfect future business strategies.

This is why AI and Machine Learning are proving so crucial; with them, you can organise and learn from your vast data sets quickly and effectively, helping to understand customer behaviour and enable unique advertising campaigns to resonate with your audience in unparalleled ways. 

Data-driven advertising cuts down on costs and maximises performance, the data facilitates the ultimate targeting tools that let you reach your ideal audience profile with pinpoint accuracy. 

5G connectivity

You’ve doubtless heard of 5G as the looming player in network connectivity. The pandemic catapulted the need for stronger bandwidth and reliable communication; in 2020, only 48% of consumers considered the connectivity services adequate for the needs associated with remote work and education.

5G means stronger internet connection and browsing speed, meaning improved industry mobility across the world now relying on networks. For telcos, adopting 5G capabilities will mean improved customer satisfaction, but also seamless business operation, unprecedented real-time insights, and higher control over services and ad campaigns. 

5G subscriptions will rise steadily in the next few years, with a predicted growth of 600 million yearly subscribers from 2023 to 2025. 5G will also improve the integration of AI and ML, and is a huge opportunity for telcos to keep ahead of the fast changing market. 

Unification of business and marketing 

All of the above trends lead to the same idea that there is an overwhelming demand for improved efficiency from both customer and business positions. With more complex needs and increased data all round, industries are making moves to unify their business and marketing forces, as more than ever their strategies and focus are intertwined. 

For telcos this is particularly important. Seamless integration of business and communication tools that bring all information to one place is crucial for effective ad campaigns. Managing advertising performance and budget concerns in one place means your business can take real-time measures to optimise your business strategy. 

This is equally true of customer experience, with high expectations and competition, they demand a consistent level of attention and experience on every channel they’re exposed to your business. Using a unified platform to track business and ad performance will help your brand safety. 

Eskimi’s got you covered

Network expansion and customer experience will continue to be revolutionised in the coming year. With new challenges comes new solutions, and Eskimi is at the forefront developing innovative fixes to tackle telcos biggest hurdles. 

Telcos are being counted on, and we’ve recently released a brand new product, a one-stop-shop for everything telco needs to excel; comprehensive customer insights, actionable through creative, unique ad campaigns, and analytics to perfect performance as you go. 

Follow our blog to keep up with telco news, or get in touch with Eskimi to transform your business success today.

Philip is the CMO of Eskimi. When he’s not busy growing the Eskimi brand, he spends his time with family and playing ping pong.
Philip is the CMO of Eskimi. When he’s not busy growing the Eskimi brand, he spends his time with family and playing ping pong.
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