The Benefits Of A White Label To A Digital Media Business

April 14, 2023
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The term “white label” originated in the music industry, mainly with vinyl records. Before publically releasing music records, record labels would send promotional copies to broadcasters, music distributors, DJs, and radio stations. The actual labels were hidden with white labels to stop opponents from recognising the source of the new music being played.

Nowadays, this term is not limited to the music industry. It has found its way to the trade and advertising businesses. In this article, we’ll take a look at what while labelling actually means and what benefits it offers to digital advertisers looking to expand their business.

What is white labelling?

White labelling is when a company removes its brand and logo from the end product and instead uses the branding requested by the buyer.

For instance, if you shop at a grocery store like Walmart, you’ll see that various kinds of products are sold under the Great Value brand. Does that mean Walmart is creating all of those products? Of course not!

Walmart collaborates with several businesses that already offer those products and put their products in its Great Value packaging rather than their own.

A great example of using a white label feature  in the marketing industry is Whatagraph. This platform lets marketing agencies send beautiful, automated marketing reports to their clients. If you don’t want the reports to look like they were created in Whatagraph, simply use the white label feature. It allows you to add your custom logo, branding, colors and even a custom domain to make it look like the report is hosted on your website.

White labelling in digital advertising

White labelling in digital advertising is undoubtedly quite different than white labelling a product for Walmart. It’s not like the consumer selects a product, puts it into their cart, and checks out.

In the world of digital marketing, white labelling is when your business buys a white label business’s products or services and offers them to the consumer under your brand name.

This is how white labelling works in the digital world:

1) An advertising agency is employed to provide marketing services to its users.
2) It doesn’t have the necessary solution so it purchases a ready-made product from another company.
3) It then rebrands the product to make it appear as if they crafted that solution.
4) Finally, the agency uses it to fulfil customer requests or resells the solution to their users.

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8 benefits of white labelling in the digital world

At the most rudimentary level, white labelling allows resellers to easily rebrand the product. The same applies to digital marketing. Agencies can easily make the look of a white label product align with their brand by placing their own logo and color scheme on it.

White labelled platforms can be used as a catalyst to explore an absolutely new branch business. When the business proves fruitful, it could specify a distinct need for continuing development of the product or service.

If you’re a digital advertising agency, many companies are looking to you to help them with their advertising projects. Now if you don’t have a full-service media buying platform, you can get it from another company like Eskimi that offers white-labelled solutions. You can personalize the platform with your logo, brand name, color palette, and other branding elements to make it truly yours.

But why should you opt for a white labelled platform? Here are a few potential benefits:

1. Scalability

The major advantage of white labelling is that it gives digital advertising agencies an easy way to increase their service offerings to their customers without essentially developing the solutions themselves.

When you use a white labelled solution, you can provide your esteemed customers with a more extensive range of services. Moreover, you can sell those services with your branding, while taking full acknowledgement for them.

2. Improved service quality

Let’s be honest. Each advertising agency can’t excel at everything. When you don’t have adequate tools in-house, you can use white labelled enterprise-grade tools that are compatible with each kind of your customers’ projects.

The best part about using a white labelled solution is that your customers will not even recognize the participation of a third party. You’ll be receiving credit for the services provided, and your customers will believe that you offer premium advertising services on all fronts.

3. Better brand reputation

When using a white labelled platform, you’ll never have to refuse any of the projects offered to you because of your team’s incapacity to implement them. You’ll always have the capability to provide first-class services every time. This will empower you to develop a good brand reputation and expand your business.

At Eskimi, we understand how important your brand name is. That’s why we only provide top-notch technologies and services to our customers who choose our white labelled programmatic platform.

4. Attract more customers

Another major benefit of white labelling is the opportunity to grow your agency as you offer more services under your brand. This means you’ll be able to pitch your advertising services to more customers.

By creating an industry reputation for offering a variety of superior services, you can easily attract more customers. As a result, your agency will become a one-stop advertising solution that your customers can always seek whenever they have advertising requirements.

5. Retain customers

If you’re not able to provide additional services, your customers may reach out to other digital advertising agencies that can offer add-ons. This is unacceptable because as a small agency, you can’t turn away new business, or take the risk of customers seeking your competition.

Using a white labelled media buying platform can help you stop this from occurring. Even if you don’t have resources internally, you can still deliver end-to-end digital advertising services efficiently.

6. Higher revenue

With white labelling, you can easily manage the service delivery aspect with absolutely no limit to the quantity and quality of services that you can provide. The more services you can offer, the more revenue you can make. You can enjoy decent profit margins by reselling the digital advertising services at a mark-up.

Moreover, you don’t have to put quality at risk by developing completely new software when you can merely acquire technology that your team has tried and liked earlier.  

7. Reduced time & expenses

Only a few businesses have enough money or time to develop their solution from scratch. Using a ready-made solution enables you to start your own business based on present technology, considering all the high industry standards and innovations.

All technical matters associated with white labelled platform along with further support and upkeep are entirely the responsibility of the vendor. Consequently, your agency gets the product that is designed according to technical requirements suitable for the advertising industry.

8. Quick & easy to deploy

White labelled solutions are convenient, fully personalized solutions that make branding hassle-free. By partnering with a vendor, you can get to the market quickly and provide clients with a solution instantly.

Get your white labelled media buying platform with Eskimi

Whether you want to start your own digital media business or wish to own a digital media buying platform using your brand name, Eskimi offers a white label edition of our programmatic platform.

What does that mean? Our clients get access to our programmatic platform’s capabilities under their brand.

Along with adding your branding elements and logo, our all-in-one solution provides you with these digital powers:

Philip is the CMO of Eskimi. When he’s not busy growing the Eskimi brand, he spends his time with family and playing ping pong.
Philip is the CMO of Eskimi. When he’s not busy growing the Eskimi brand, he spends his time with family and playing ping pong.
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