Six Ways to Get Ahead in Advertising in 2022

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December 15, 2021
Six Ways to Get Ahead in Advertising in 2022

You have an amazing product the world should see, but your advertising strategies just aren’t hitting the right notes. The marketing landscape and its needs have changed rapidly in the last few years, particularly with the pandemic disrupting industries across the board. You need a new and improved advertising game plan to thrive in 2022. 

Digital activity has skyrocketed, meaning competition for brand recognition online has never been fiercer. Eskimi keeps current on movements in the ad world, and this time we’re going over a quick advertising solution, six things essential to remember when strategizing your campaigns for the new year. 

Advertising Campaign Intention

The sheer number of viewers of your ads today means designing one thing to resonate with each of them simultaneously is a challenge. Campaigns attempting to build brand recognition, generate site traffic and sales all at once can dilute its effectiveness, so campaigns should generally have one main goal.

A consumer’s position in the sales funnel is particularly important; targeting towards the top, you’d focus on brand awareness, but if you’re looking to drive sales, your focus shifts down. Modern ad platforms can run multiple campaigns to target users in different stages at once. 

Your targeting, placement, and performance priorities all change based on what you want from your advertisement, read more about how to hack the marketing funnel.

Creatives for Advertising

The heart of a good ad is the story you tell your audience. A campaign falls flat among the ads competing for consumer attention without a clear message. You must priorities producing engaging, creative content to develop your brand’s voice and intrigue your target audience.

Today there’s no end to creative possibilities, check out our complete guide to rich media for some ideas. Whatever advertising strategy you set out, prioritizing a strong and diverse creative portfolio will set you far ahead. We have a full creatives suite here at Eskimi because we know its impact in beating marketing records.

Data is your superpower!

Data is today’s marketing superpower. Brands have never had so much data to learn from, both of campaign performance and their audience. If leveraged together, they’re invaluable to boosting reach and success.

Programmatic advertising platforms will track a host of campaign metrics in real-time, analyzing data will give a finer understanding of how your campaigns are performing and why, allowing for constant adjustments that drastically improve practices and ROI.

You get to know your audience better with granular data too. With every click your ideal customer profile grows to access the most engaged audiences for targeting. The best platforms combine demographic, location, and interest data in thousands of categories to create the best targeting opportunities.

Format and Placement Opportunities 

Make sure you’re taking advantage of the creative opportunities and full digital space out there. Not every platform will offer the most innovative options, and diversifying your advertising portfolio is essential to staying relevant and visible. 

That means don’t stick to just mobile or websites, and invest in interactive, engaging ads. Advertising on portals like social media is essential, being the most used online networks. Facebook has its own advertising platform, but it’s limited to its own networks. The best platforms for advertising have access to as much social media ad space as possible. 

Automation of ads

We’ve addressed the importance of granular data and the most valuable ad placements, but this is hard to achieve without a system to process the ad marketplaces. 

This is why automation is emerging as the best way to launch campaigns today; AI and machine learning adjusts your ad placements based on performance at every turn and continuously gathers data, letting you solely focus on customer experience and optimizing future performance. 

The sale of ad space is increasingly done through real-time auctions with DSP and SSP servers handling the sale to the most relevant parties. Forrester predicts a further boom in 2022 to an AI-first model of advertising, programmatic allows you to take advantage of every nuanced approach to advertising all at once.

Relationships with customers

We know talk of automation sounds like the human touch to marketing is disappearing, but in fact it’s more important than ever. Programmatic ads are instant and automated, but the audience data enables tailored promotions to individual customers. Having a solid website design, with chatbots and other easy-to-access advanced features on your landing page, certainly helps your automation process, which in turn boosts your sales in the long run. With the above tips, you can form meaningful and long term customer relationships, healthy for any growing business. 

Other than customers, programmatic facilitates advertisers and publishers to connect on a much wider scale than previously possible with manual partnerships. Eskimi runs in-house DSP and SSP systems; working under the same umbrella allows our clients to benefit from our own strong relationships formed over years of successful campaigns. 

Get Ahead with Eskimi

The key to advertising success in 2022 is no longer simply keeping pace with industry evolution, it’s keeping ahead of it. Partner with an AdTech company that knows this and prioritizes sharing and supporting those developments. We’ve mentioned how many brands are going automated in 2021, but there are many programmatic platforms out there today, so read our tips on how to choose the best one

Eskimi is expanding daily, making AI automation accessible for any business to compete effectively in today’s market and helping brands to set global marketing trends. With us, you will perfect your campaign performance, learn everything about your ideal customer, and target them granularly with the most modern creatives, all from one self-service system! As always, get in touch to hear the details of what we can offer you today and the year ahead.

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