Revolution In Digital Marketing: What You Need To Know About Programmatic Advertising

June 16, 2020
Revolution In Digital Marketing: What You Need To Know About Programmatic Advertising

565%—this impressive number represents the growth of programmatic advertising since 2012. Eight years back, the share spent on this kind of digital advertising was 10,4%. Now the percentage is 69,2—and it is constantly growing. A revolutionary way of marketing, why programmatic advertising (PA) is such a success? What are the benefits that totally crush the precursors of (digital) advertising?

What is programmatic advertising

To put it short, programmatic advertising is the automated process of buying and optimizing digital campaigns. Leaving more creative work for people, PA replaces human interaction with machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) optimization.

In digital advertising, PA is a landmark of personalization that is pervading everywhere. In 2015, Eskimi launched its DSP (Demand-Side Platform) solution, the PA product successfully established in various markets in Europe, Asia, and Africa. With access to over 2.5M websites, Eskimi DSP can reach around 1.5B users all over the world.

What is going on there

Let’s begin with a place called ad network—this is where advertisers and publishers (those who host the ads) meet. The ad network is a mediator between the two and aims to match their needs. Eskimi DSP has a connection to 50+ ad networks. This enables us to reach users all over the world via websites, video channels, or mobile apps.

When you visit a certain website, the information about you (location, age, interests, etc.) is sent to the ad network—as quick as in 0,1 sec. And then, a demand-side platform comes to the stage.

DSP is like a market where the advertisers can buy space for their ads—whether they are mobile, in-app, or desktop. The information about you (that was sent to an ad network) comes with a request to DSP. If the platform recognizes you as a target user, a certain ad is being shown for you.

Programmatic ads 101 | Eskimi

Why Eskimi DSP?

The impressive growth of programmatic advertising lies in its benefits that offer greater effectiveness and convenience. Eskimi DSP embodies them with extra creativity.

  • Speed: real-time monitoring and optimizing. PA enables to monitor the results of the campaign and to optimize it in real-time. In this environment, advertisers can almost instantly get their ads shown on publisher websites, and to make the best use of the campaign. For example, the process of buying the ad space is an auction with real-time bidding (RTB). The winner is an advertiser with the highest price offered. And all this process is a matter of milliseconds.
  • High personalization. Real-time monitoring helps to get to know better the audience — their demographics, their (re)actions… Eskimi DSP has information about the users of every market (40+ markets in all) and offers to create audiences by interests (2200+ categories). This contributes to reaching the most interested audience with personalized content. For example, the ad of a luxury car would only reach the audience that can afford such goods.
  • Cost-effectiveness. It shows the ads for target users only. That means using budget smartly instead of wasting it blindly. Eskimi DSP has accumulated unique data that enables companies and brands to manage their budgets effectively.
  • Creative visual solutions. Eskimi works with all the formats of nowadays advertising—and always does it uniquely. The companies value the dedicated team of Eskimi for creating suggestive and interactive visual solutions that help to achieve exceptional results in ad campaigns.
  • Highly experienced team. Eskimi DSP team has experience in every B2C industry. We worked with the most recognized global brands such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Vodafone, Samsung, Huawei, Audi, Toyota, McDonald’s, GSK, and many others. Eskimi uses the best recent practices and goes deep into every case and to propose the best solution.

Let’s experiment together

Step by step, the world is getting back to normal. However, some habits and practices will probably remain, as well as some consequences. For example, a drop of up to 47% in advertising prices is a perfect opportunity to try programmatic and to experience its benefits. Bearing in mind that we still are more stuck to the screens than usual, the chances that your effort will pay off are higher than ever. Let’s experiment together!

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