How To Effectively Market Your Product: Advertising Techniques

April 14, 2023
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Let’s talk advertising techniques. You have what you need to start selling, but you need to get the word out. Customers need to know and trust you, and have a desire to engage with your company. You need a marketing strategy. This article takes you through the basics of the marketing funnel, and how Eskimi can boost each stage.

Doubtless, you already know about marketing. Its most basic function is to identify and advertise your product or service to potential customers, those in the market for it. This includes all levels of advertising and selling, but the marketing funnel is more specific. 

The modern marketing funnel

The marketing funnel represents your customer’s journey through stages of the buying process, from initial discovery to the final purchase. It puts customer experience at the forefront of a brand’s sales strategy, where it should be. The majority of companies have a marketing funnel whether or not they realise it, but it is undeniably something worth paying attention to.

Customer awareness is one of the most important factors in developing a marketing funnel in a given market. A logo is literally worth a thousand words when it comes to smart branding. Thus, it is vital to keep in mind that having a good logo design in place will only help improve your business. All of this sounds great, but what if you could automate the process?

There are many benefits to developing a marketing funnel when promoting your product; it will save you time, increase your sales, help you predict customer behaviour, and optimise your promotional strategies. All of this sounds great, but what if you could automate the process? 

With programmatic advertising solutions, you’ll learn more about your customer’s experiences at every stage. You’ll get innovative, unique ads in front of them, and fix what isn’t working in real time. Data-driven marketing is the most effective way to advertise in today’s landscape. Each stage, from awareness, consideration and conversion, Eskimi’s unified platform of solutions is here to help. Let’s dive into the stages of the marketing funnel. 

Top of funnel - Awareness

The first stage, top of the funnel, is the very beginning of your branding and marketing process. It’s all about building awareness of your brand and drawing in potential customers. 

Lead generation, or the initiation of customer interest in your brand, is best served with vibrant visual media. Get creative and catch the eye of potential customers. Rich media solutions are something we value very much at Eskimi, the most effective kind of advertising out there. 

With unique media adverts, you will grow awareness in your brand. You will stand out from the crowd of your competitors and grow your customer base to prepare for the next stage in the funnel. Check out our creatives gallery to get an idea of the kinds of ads you could be running.

Middle funnel - Consideration

Once you’ve generated enough leads, you’ll have a collection of customers interested in your brand, but maybe not enough to lead to purchase. At this middle stage, you should prioritise learning about your potential customers on an individual level. As they learn about your company, you should be finetuning your target audience. 

There is so much information on users nowadays, and organising your customer data is crucial to adjusting your company strategies. You build a relationship with them through knowing them, advertising is all about the personalised experience nowadays. Who are they, what do they enjoy, where do they work? What websites do they enjoy, what are their preferred platforms?

It’s too much data to handle alone. With our data-management platform (DMP), we can process a host of useful metrics on your ideal user’s behaviour so you can target your ads most effectively. It collects user data and groups it into effective audience groups, while analysing and updating it in real-time. This will help understand their doubts and problems, and crucially, what is preventing them from purchase.

Bottom funnel - Potential

If your consumers reach this level of the funnel, they are likely prepared to purchase. They know about your brand and they are interested in your products. Where the first two levels were focused on awareness and knowledge gathering, this stage is where you should take a more direct approach to selling your product. 

This is where you incentivise them to take action, such as ads with a buy now CTA. With Eskimi DSP, we can track the performance of your ads at a granular level, enabling you to track what isn’t working and determine when your customer base reaches this stage. 

How programmatic improves the funnel

Marketing funnels existed before programmatic advertising, but it elevates the funnel to new heights. At each stage, running campaigns programmatically helps optimise your budget, reach customers on multiple channels, and measure performance in real-time. 

With digital touchpoints increasing, it’s important to keep up. Our SSP enables us to offer advertising inventory on every platform, from mobile and desktop, to out-of-home and in-game. 

Even if you learn all about your customer base, the targeted data is not always enough to convert. That’s why things like contextual advertising or retargeting strategies can bring users back into the funnel, or those searching for things related to your brand. 

The performance of your marketing strategy is measured in real-time, reducing ad spend waste and maximising exposure to meaningful customers. Programmatic will help your marketing funnel generate more leads, save time, and increase ROI.

Market your product with Eskimi

It’s crucial to stand out in the ocean of advertising. Eskimi can help. Our DMP will help you build industry-specific research and manage your audiences, providing you with every piece of data you could ever need to fine tune your targeting strategies and get to know your audience as well as you want them to know you. 

Engaging with programmatic at all levels is the best way to effectively get your product in front of customers, understanding the benefits will help advertisers get the most out of their campaigns. Having a grasp on the marketing funnel and applying it to your programmatic strategies will attract new potentials, grow your brand’s awareness, and optimise your ROI.

We’re always in the mood to talk. Contact us to start marketing your products today!

Philip is the CMO of Eskimi. When he’s not busy growing the Eskimi brand, he spends his time with family and playing ping pong.
Philip is the CMO of Eskimi. When he’s not busy growing the Eskimi brand, he spends his time with family and playing ping pong.
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