Step By Step Guide: Fill in G2 Review for Eskimi And Earn a $10 Amazon Gift Card

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April 28, 2022
Step By Step Guide: Fill in G2 Review for Eskimi And Earn a $10 Amazon Gift Card

G2 is a software review platform that attracts over 5 million people monthly. 

It allows users to check out authentic reviews from their peers and discover new software solutions that can help them organize and grow their businesses.

These reviews can be crucial in making the final decision when purchasing new software, and they are constructive insight if you are careful with your budget.

IT companies find these reviews very important. It allows them to see what people love about a certain software and how they can improve their tools and products. The great thing about these reviews is that you get an Amazon gift card from this platform after finishing each review.

So the more reviews you leave, the more you earn, and in the end, you are helping the community by insisting on quality tools.

Why is it important for Eskimi to get a review on G2?

As a programmatic ad tech platform, Eskimi has established its presence globally with over 10 000 + campaigns in different niches.

As a result, we have some great case studies from all around the world. On the other hand, we lack insights from our clients and partners on review platforms.

We see the G2 platform as a perfect one to start with reviews, so we would like to guide you through the process of leaving a comment about our services (they can be anonymous if you choose).

In addition, it will allow you to earn 10$ Amazon credit card after a successful review, and it will help us learn more about our customers and create an even more robust programmatic platform.

Go to the platform

Click on "Join or Sign In" on the home page in the top right corner. You can quickly sign in with your social media account or your business email.

Visit Eskimi profile on G2

You will see a short text about the Eskimi platform, and below that, you will see the option to write a review. Scroll down, and pick the "Write a Review" option.

You can also choose "YES" button beside the question "Have you used Eskimi before" and start writing your review. It will take you to the same page.

Eskimi review g2

Answer the questions about the Eskimi platform

There are around 12 questions that are pretty easy to answer if you have already used Eskimi services. 

  • You will be asked to add a title for your review, and it could be something like "Great programmatic platform for telco industry" or just "Eskimi review by Kat." 
  • You will need to write a sentence or two about your previous experience with Eskimi.
  • All the questions in this document should be answered, but bear in mind that you don't have to upload the screenshot from Eskimi.
    This step is just an additional task that will prove that you are a real user, but you can leave a review without that.
  • In the end, you will be able to pick if they will use your name and face in the G2 community. Remember it is up to you.
  • Once everything is completed, review your grade, ensure that green lines are at the maximum, and click Submit.

Frequently asked questions about reviews

Why is it important to sign up before leaving a review?

G2 platform wants to give its users the most accurate reviews possible, and they need to identify you as someone who is not a competitor or an employee. This doesn't mean that your review will be published under your name, if you would like to stay anonyms.

Can I post my review on anonymously?

If you don't feel like sharing your name with the g2 community, you can avoid that by leaving a review anonymously. When you are at the end of your review, just pick the option "I would like this review to appear as Unattributed." After your review is published, it will look like the example below.


Why do they ask me to upload a screenshot from Eskimi?

The moderators at use screenshots to verify reviews, but these are never published publicly or shared with anyone else. Their team will look for a user name on the screenshot, company name, or proof that you are using this software. You can cover and blur sensitive information, but please leave visible evidence that you are the person who is using the software.

Thank you for your time!

As we mentioned above, the G2 platform is giving 10 $ Amazon gift cards for all finished reviews, so your time and effort will be rewarded.

If you have any additional questions about the Eskimi platform or reviews, feel free to contact us or leave a comment via social media channels.

So, now that you know how, go ahead and give us a review.

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