Eskimi SSP Project Manager Eglė: “I Get Totally New Knowledge Of The World“

January 12, 2024
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Eglė is an old-timer in Eskimi: it has been nearly seven years since she joined the company. At first, Eglė worked with value-added services for telecommunications, and a few years ago, she took on the Eskimi SSP (Supply-Side Platform) solution. Also, she works with the Telco Dashboard―a tool mainly for telecoms but also used by other industries.

Products for brand awareness and valuable information

When working with SSP, Eglė is responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with publishers (various websites that provide ad space) and helps them monetize their traffic. She presents Eskimi SSP as a solution that is invaluable for the local presence and brand awareness campaigns. It brings high visibility in local portals, as well as better visibility in terms of position. “We seek to create opportunities for interesting solutions that would bring the desired results to our clients. We aim to think out of the box and look for solutions that are playful but not boring or aggressive. I can give a floating banner as an example―that’s a type of rich media. The banner “sticks” to the main screen and “flies” over the page,” Eglė shares an example of a valuable solution.

Another product she is working on is Telco Dashboard. Eglė describes it as a unique Eskimi solution that brings a lot of added value for the clients by disclosing them the information that was vague or intangible before. “For example, mobile phone manufacturers can see what is the prevalence among users of different operators of a certain model,“ Eglė explains. Telco Dashboard is a solid set of data and information for telecom and other industries. “It has accumulated a lot of various information and can provide answers for such questions as what are the most popular devices among internet users? How do telecom users act? How do they change operators for connecting to mobile internet and Wi-Fi?”

Importance of a reliable relationship in business

As complex as that may sound, Eglė jokes that she does not know how her work and its specifics could surprise anyone. Still, she shared that Eskimi SSP brings an added value that is not clearly visible―that is, the direct relationship with the publisher. Eglė underlines that the relationship is the base, and a lot depends on it, like how quickly Eskimi can deliver for the end client. “If it’s a late evening, and a client asks for more traffic or other solutions, I can trust my publishers. I know: if I ask them, they will do it and I really appreciate their help and partnership here. Quick decisions, close contact, and collaboration is a huge value of the product”, she illustrates the significance of a trust-based relationship.

Eglė says that in her job, it is essential “not only the platform or the product but the company itself―what is it? That’s why face-to-face meetings are significant to both sides, assessing reputation, stability, reliability, and innovations,” she discloses. Working with publishers also includes more technical tasks: evaluating results, monitoring the traffic, and consulting how it should be exploited, testing and installing solutions, and so on. Of course, as Eskimi is continually growing, Eglė is also responsible for finding new partners. “Eskimi SSP is now in nine markets. There’s a constant need for new publishers, either in the new markets or in the established ones. I actively work with the sales team and encourage them to use all creativity and innovations SSP can offer. This Eskimi solution brings better local visibility, the ad spreads across the local portals,” she says.

Working with different markets: a new way of getting to know the world

Working with many different markets is one of the most enjoyable parts for Eglė. She values discovering new cultures and their peculiarities. “This is a totally new knowledge of the world. You have an opportunity to have a closer look at a certain country and its people, to understand how they live. And working with publishers allows me for further deepening of these explorations,” she shares her passion for knowing foreign cultures. Eglė is also glad to be a part of the team that learns fast and works hard. She says it is nice when you can learn from your colleagues and ask for an advice (“borrow the brains”), and also be the top achievers, leading the company to the top of the market.  

What she already learned in Eskimi? Eglė says that she had way less to do with the programmatic, and the supply-side platform was a whole new thing for her. Once again, this confirms the rule: nothing is impossible with the desire to improve and inclination to expand the knowledge. “What else would I like to learn? Well, I want to have more SSP markets and to know more cultures! That’s a greatly interesting way to get to know the world. In each market, I interact with information and media channels, and I see the countries from a bit different perspective,” she is excited for her job full of discoveries.

Philip is the CMO of Eskimi. When he’s not busy growing the Eskimi brand, he spends his time with family and playing ping pong.
Philip is the CMO of Eskimi. When he’s not busy growing the Eskimi brand, he spends his time with family and playing ping pong.
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