Do Telco Companies Need A Data Management Platform?

January 12, 2024
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The days when analytics and big data were odd concepts are far behind us, and businesses now recognise the significance and positive influence data can have in several operations.

From delineating business models to optimising marketing strategies and generating new income streams, collected and analysed granular user data creates a new potential for growth that wasn’t accessible before.

When it comes to telco operators, they have a goldmine in their hands. Unlike other verticals, telecom companies have access to customer information that can be used to construct new ways to connect with users. With such valuable data available, it’d be a waste not to try and leverage it for business growth.

Some telecom companies have already started taking measures and investing in the technology and skills required to put this user data to use. For example, Emodo, an Ericsson company has partnered with CKDelta to help increase data accuracy in the marketing industry.

So, how can your telco company make use of customer data? That’s where Eskimi can help. In this article, we’ll take a look at how Eskimi DMP can help telco clients improve their business performance and expand growth potential by making the most of user data.

Why do you need a data management platform?

In order to boost marketing return on investment (ROI), marketers, advertisers, and companies have increased the number of their digital campaigns across multiple channels. However, the outcome is often low ROI instigated by poor engagement.

To solve this ever-escalating issue, businesses have to stop trying to reach more users and start trying to reach more of the right users, and a Data Management Platform (DMP) helps you do just that.

A DMP can be used by marketers and agencies to optimise their media-buying practices. Yet, even businesses that don’t operate directly in the online marketing space, like telco operators, can still greatly benefit from a DMP.

Fundamentally, a DMP can help companies that:

1) Handle online marketing campaigns that involve interacting with other advertising tech platforms such as ad exchanges, ad networks, demand-side platforms (DSP), and supply-side platforms (SSP).
2) Want to grow their conversion rates, enhance the user experience on their site or mobile app, and improve brand recognition.
3) Wish to reduce marketing expenses and increase campaign ROI across display, mobile, video, and social platforms.
4) Strive to personalise messages and content displayed to existing and potential consumers via marketing, remarketing, and other brand interactions (such as on their website and email newsletters) to boost engagement.
5) Wish to learn more about their current consumers and clients to help create new products and services.
6) Want to create a Single Customer View (SCV) by connecting offline data with online data.

Benefits of Eskimi DMP for telco companies

Eskimi DMP is a proprietary data management platform where customer and campaign data is stored and managed. It benefits telco companies the most due to the numerous possibilities they can explore with client information.

Here are a few benefits that Eskimi offers to support telco operators:

Solve telecom attribution complexities

When it came to attribution and measuring performance, device manufacturer and carrier marketing was somewhat of a black box. Marketers would purchase a huge quantity of preloads or traffic but couldn’t access insight into how that traffic performed.

However, today telecom operators signify another performance marketing channel – thanks to transparent reporting and access to profound insights that customers provide such as demographics and location.

Eskimi allows you to build industry-specific research dashboards. You can create and manage audiences in brand-owned mini-DMP and can also create custom audience centres. Moreover, our DMP has a data dashboard that visually tracks, analyses, and displays your campaign metrics in real-time.

Eskimi DMP algorithms are resolving telecom attribution difficulties when measuring the effects of new customer acquisition and transition from 3G to 4G technology. It helps telco companies measure the success of their user acquisition campaigns targeted at competitors.

Perform in-depth telecom research

Eskimi Telecom Research Dashboard is an exclusive tool for mobile network operators and agencies. It allows you to track real-time mobile data and customer market changes.

You can also analyse your telecom performance in the market and measure your new data offerings or advertising campaigns. Moreover, you can use Eskimi to track market shares of mobile data in the country, understand multi-SIM behaviour, split users by their loyalty by the telecom, monitor churn customer segments, and 3G/4G data consumption.

It also enables you to compare your telecom audiences with that of competitors using socio-economic class, device, and operating system (OS) usage. Now, it becomes easier for telco operators to attribute the success of their advertising campaigns using Eskimi Telecom Insights and DMP products.1)

Gather precious telecom insights and data

Your campaign performance and collected data have way more insights hidden behind that must be uncovered and analysed for better growth potential. For this purpose, Eskimi has a tool that helps you see the bigger picture.

Our Telco Dashboard empowers you to get insights on three different sections:

1) Market overview
2) Economics
3) Mobile devices

You can track and comprehend customer behaviour by SIM usage, monitor customer migrations from one telecom to another, compare the socio-economic class of telecom customers, understand internet browsing device market shares in the country, see consumption of different network types, measure 4G growth, and much more.

Take a look at the video below to see the capabilities of our Eskimi Dashboard.

Discover gaps and blind spots

As a telco operator, you perhaps don’t always view all of the data that the customers consume. That’s where Eskimi DMP can help. It tells you how many SIMs a telecom company acquired or lost, the type of customer migration it is facing, the kind of mobile devices the customers are using, and much more.

You can also see changes of active users in real-time, see the differences in user wealth by telecom and their device prices, and analyse users by their purchasing power using device price groups. This way, you can get more insights into your customers and modify actions accordingly.

Get API-based anonymous access

An application programming interface (API) describes interactions between numerous software intermediaries. With Eskimi DMP, you can learn more about your customers anonymously.

You can learn about top devices by each telecom, track the fastest growing models in the market, compare OS by telecoms, and get much more customised data. This way, you can understand the choices and activities of your target users in a much better manner.

Data consumption market dashboards | Eskimi

Attribute offline conversions

Eskimi DMP empowers you to identify, target, acquire and measure the influence of your digital advertising campaigns. For instance, as a telco operator, you can track not only online acquisitions but also compare sales offline when consumers purchase a SIM card in brick-and-mortar stores.

Eskimi offers 360° customer profiling for telco clients with unique attributes and characteristics. You can track customer journey and personalise communications by deeply integrating with all data sources.

Improve your telco business performance with Eskimi DMP

At Eskimi, our telco dashboard offers visual insights that can help telecom companies see how many of their clients migrate to different operators and many other things that can help them understand their clients better.

Managing more than 1 billion consumer profiles, Eskimi DMP stores more than 2000 data points and provides you with unique and local consumer data stories. To learn more about how we can help your telco company grow, get in touch to talk to our industry experts.

Philip is the CMO of Eskimi. When he’s not busy growing the Eskimi brand, he spends his time with family and playing ping pong.
Philip is the CMO of Eskimi. When he’s not busy growing the Eskimi brand, he spends his time with family and playing ping pong.
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