Beat The Win-Back: What Eskimi’s New Solution Can Do For Telco

April 14, 2023
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As ever, Eskimi is keeping up with the latest in programmatic technology, and innovating based on years of meaningful client experiences. We have roots in the carrier market, and since we launched our DSP and SSP suites, we’ve dedicated a large part of our services to bringing telecoms into the programmatic world. Not only does our data management platform optimise ad campaigns for all kinds of brands, but it can serve telco companies to track their entire user experience and enhance their full sales cycle on our telco dashboard. 

Our new customer win-back product is tailor-made for telecoms, and it reaches new heights in user acquisition. With programmatic, you can expand your user data with automated and comprehensive metrics; it’s not just for advertising, with our telcodash you can understand user migration, which campaigns are bringing in customers, and crucially for many telcos, where you can regain lost ones. 

If you want to be the telco with the ultimate win-back strategy on the market, read on about our new product that optimises the full sales funnel of analytics, execution, and attribution. 

The meaningful insights provided enables a perfected campaign, but it's the comprehensive post-campaign analytics tracking reclaimed users that really enhances your understanding of your customers and sets up your next campaign for success.

Insight capabilities

At the beginning of the funnel, our telcodash gives clients an advantage with their carrier activity through just how many different insights it provides. Split into categories of market overview, economics, and mobile devices, Eskimi’s accessible dashboard organises all your user data into 28 different insights through our patented DMP, giving you the best advantage in growth potential using your telco data. 

Just some of our insights include user behaviour through sim or multi-sim usage, migrations, and change in active users; they can all boost your retention and acquisition in equal measure, but also can reclaim lost customers. You can track changes, analyse the competition, react meaningfully to the market, and plan the best advertising campaign for your goals.

Optimised execution

We don’t only provide the insights, we make them actionable. Our telecom data product is strengthened from our expertise in running ad campaigns, we will pinpoint target ads to reduce your churn rate and automate your win-back goals. Programmatic enables telco to deliver a more personalised advertising experience, encouraging the engagement that will prompt user reacquisition. 

Eskimi is tailor-made for reach optimization. Our in-house DSP and SSP connect Eskimi to only the best publishers, and access to every digital platform. Our vast rich media suite will help your campaign stand out, and our comprehensive targeting can fine-tune your target audience with over 20 other segments, and even target competitor churners. Through Eskimi, you can perfect your telco service’s distribution according to market trends and maximise your campaign’s win-back potential.

Enhanced analytics

Our new win-back product is a full-circle service, from the first market insight to the optimised campaign, wrapped in a thorough analytics package of impact, updated monthly and by country.

We can track real user experiences with ads, and specifically, how many users return to your services as a result of campaigns. This concrete performance metric gives you your best advantage for future ads; you can see what’s not working, when and where it is working best, and how to adjust ongoing campaigns. 

This will increase your goal efficiency while optimising your budget, by getting a real understanding of if your ads are actually affecting your customers. 

Win-back with Eskimi

And there you have it. A telco win-back service that’s data-driven, circular, and user friendly. Simple in theory, but how Eskimi does it, crucial to telco market competition. Win back lost users with comprehensive migration insights, target your competitor’s churners with point precision, track performance for future strategies, and crucially, see a real, measurable boost to your revenue. 

Convinced? Get started with us today. Need some more? Contact us or visit our telco page to find out why we care about telecom and reaching your business goals.

Philip is the CMO of Eskimi. When he’s not busy growing the Eskimi brand, he spends his time with family and playing ping pong.
Philip is the CMO of Eskimi. When he’s not busy growing the Eskimi brand, he spends his time with family and playing ping pong.
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