A Closer Look to Eskimi SSP: Skyrocketing Your CTR

January 19, 2021
A Closer Look to Eskimi SSP: Skyrocketing Your CTR

Eskimi SSP (Supply Side Platform) was launched two years ago as a counterpart to the demand-side platform (DSP). The solution is primarily designed to ensure good visibility in the local market. Today, Eskimi SSP operates in ten different markets, having established direct relations with publishers in all of them.

When talking about the SSP, a publisher is one of the keywords. Publishers are usually websites—very diverse, including general news portals, but the SSP team is also happy to cooperate with specific websites: automotive, cosmetics, etc. It is essential to continually enlarge the network so that an ad is shown on the most relevant websites—for the most relevant people.

Communication with publishers is direct, and that‘s one of the SSP advantages. “By communicating directly with a publisher, the process can run very quickly. It includes introducing innovations, testing an ad, and so on. For the publishers, it is important how does the advertising media affect their audience. Does not the ad distract visitors? Do they willingly accept banners?“ says Eglė, Eskimi SSP manager and Head of Publishers. “Direct communication allows us to offer and develop innovations quickly and to reach both quality and consumer acceptance.“

Eglė, Eskimi SSP manager and Head of Publishers | Eskimi

Success stories

Eglė says that the only limit in reaching the new heights might be a lack of fantasy. “We advise—let Eskimi look at your product with fresh eyes, and let our team do something interesting“, she says. Eskimi SSP is a place to realize the most creative ideas on banners, and there are success stories that may seem incredible.

“Recently, there was a campaign for one of our partners, having a requirement to buy 12M impressions only on selective local portals in 24 hours“, Joshua starts a hard-to-believe story. “Our SSP team jumped in with their tool, and we managed to serve this huge number of impressions within 24 hours. That was a great achievement for the team. It shows the strength and capability of the product,“ he shares an eloquent success story from his experience in Bangladesh.

Another happy story comes from Kenya. Business Development Manager Cyrus Gichohi has an example of great success in increasing awareness and conversions: “The brief was to deliver placement targeting with a focus on some of the top local publishers. After a month of testing different solutions, the floating ad gave us a breakthrough. It had unmeasurable success in both awareness and conversion. We were able to deliver high CTRs—up to 7%, while the average rate is up to 2%,“ he discloses impressive results.

Passion for non-standard solutions

With great success stories, there‘s no surprise why Eskimi invites the clients to try out custom and non-standard solutions. One of Eskimi’s best-sellers is the namely floating banner. It has a very high CTR and a great variety of possible solution forms. Another advantage is very high visibility: after moving, the banner “sticks“ on the lower right corner and stays there while you‘re scrolling. A real example—a campaign for introducing a new car model. The banner-car passed the full screen (fastly enough not to annoy), and then settled in the right corner while demonstrating the car benefits.

Take a quick look at our floating banners: Coca-Cola, Betika, Meril, Wakanow, Betting.

“Floating ad is a powerful non-convention format of running display ads as we can provide custom solutions for the different industries. Several industries where we have successfully exploited floating banners are betting, real estate, banking, to name a few“, Cyril shares his experience in Kenya.

A very successful example of a CPL (Click per Lead) campaign was made for Valentine‘s day. “People were invited to send a greeting via the banner. And the client was from the banking industry! It is a perfect example of how to raise awareness by unconventional means,“ Eglė shares a surprising story. “Providing exciting opportunities rather than promoting products—this adds value for a company. The clients should allow themselves to dream,“ Eglė insists.

A closer look to Eskimi SSP: Skyrocketing your CTR | Eskimi

Launching an ad campaign

How do all these success stories happen? Eglė tells running ads is a joint work: The campaigns run on both Eskimi SSP and DSP.

SSP is an integral part of the whole ad campaign managing process. SSP professionals work along with the entire Eskimi team to get the results as good as possible. Talking about launching a campaign with a new SSP solution (banner) type, the first step is to choose the right “set” of publishers. “Afterwards, we create the solution, then we test it and monitor if everything is running smoothly. And when we make sure the banner is working successfully, we launch a commercial campaign,“ Head of Publishers Eglė shares the usual routine.

What are the main benefits?

The main benefits of using the Eskimi SSP solution are awareness and visibility. It is especially apparent when working on a new product/brand. But a well-made floating banner can help driving high sales as well.

Unique banner solutions and high visibility greatly help in raising awareness and adding value to a brand/product. And the high visibility is ensured by having established relations with local publishers. Of course, choosing the right websites is also key to good visibility. “We always ask where customers would like to see their ads. Especially when talking about topic-specific publishers,“ Eglė underlines the importance of precise targeting. “One of our advantages is that we keep close relationships with our publishers and select the right ones from a large network. So if we aim to a specific audience, we find corresponding publishers.“

Eskimi SSP also is indispensable for the sales team. “It gives us an additional tool or strength to ensure the premium quality of our service to the partners, “ says Joshua Prottoy Adhikari, a Country Manager for Bangladesh and Nepal. He emphasizes that Eskimi SSP offers unique creative solutions to run campaigns on local publishers that are not possible to serve through regular ad exchanges. So there‘s a space for imagination and innovation in new banners—as explicitly disclosed in success stories.

Wrap up: why you should consider using Eskimi SSP?

1) Eskimi team is constantly searching for innovative and attractive developments. We walk an extra mile, thinking about how to show the product as interesting as possible.

2) Eskimi is known and valued for creativity. The forms and aesthetics of Eskimi SSP and DSP banners are one of our advantages. We create eye-catching shapes that engage—no more annoying or boring ads. The more volatile fantasy, the better.

3) We have close relations with many publishers in every market we work in. Listening to both customers and publishers allows to launch the solution quickly, and reach highly satisfying results.

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