Tips for Choosing the Best Programmatic Advertising Platform

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November 12, 2021
Tips for Choosing the Best Programmatic Advertising Platform

Digital marketing is growing at an incredible rate, and with it the world has become saturated with advertisements across all platforms. With so much competition, programmatic advertising is essential if you want to get the most out of the campaign for your product. However, like the capabilities of ads nowadays, there is also no shortage of programmatic advertising platforms. 

It is important to be informed when deciding on a platform as many of them offer different or specialised services, and deciding which is best for your brand can be a task. In this post, we’ll go over a few tips to consider when choosing a programmatic media platform. 

The first thing to begin with is your marketing goals. This is crucial to keep a clear vision throughout, and choosing a platform that aligns with your aims will save you time and money. Are you looking for lead generation, sales, or to grow your brand awareness? Have you developed a distinct customer profile? Different platforms may be more suitable depending on if you want a simple ad or more complex customisation solution. 

Tips for Choosing Programmatic Media Platforms

Inventory and technology

With advertising evolving quickly, there are platforms out there with more ad inventory than others. Access to a wider reach of publishers or rich media capabilities may be key to your campaign’s success. Make sure it at least has video, mobile, display, and app inventory so you can diversify your portfolio. Some marketers may choose to work with multiple DSPs to improve their reach, but choosing only one with maximal access, like Eskimi’s unified platform of solutions, has many benefits, such as a streamlined view of customer behaviour, efficient workflow, and cross-platform analytics. 

The DSPs and SSPs that stand above others are ones focused on constantly improving their technology, such as bidding functionality and targeting methods. User-friendliness is also important, you need to be able to take control of your ad campaigns all in one place. Eskimi runs a unified channel that houses DSP, SSP, ad creatives design, and much more, giving you access to everything from increased placement access to hyper-focused targeting. 

Appropriate targeting

Speaking of targeting, a programmatic ad platform's capacity for customer targeting is also a crucial part in making your decision. Targeting is essentially split between demographic targeting, which you will know from developing your ideal customer profile, and location targeting. Location also refers to the actual placement of your ad, from device to positioning on a page. 

While programmatic marketing has made thousands of inventory connections possible, with its automation, it also raises the risk of displaying your ads next to off-brand content. Make sure the platform you choose has parameters to make bids for placements prioritising your brand image. 

The platform you choose needs to offer access to multi-channel platforms as well as a range of devices to effectively target your audience. You should value high-quality placements, and innovative use of customer data to reach your perfect audience segment. This will increase the chance of conversion, improve your ROI, and cut unnecessary costs.


Another crucial aspect to deciding the best programmatic platform is the strength of their analytics. Having comprehensive, real-time data is invaluable to fine-tuning your engaged audience, improving your targeting, and tracking your campaign’s performance. Make sure your chosen platform offers a wide range of performance metrics. Eskimi DSP and SSP can be run alongside our in-house data management platform (DMP), which will provide you everything you could want to know about your campaign, helping you to optimise in real-time, all in one place.


Programmatic platforms are designed to optimise the cost-effectiveness of your campaign, but with the range of services and capabilities available, it’s natural that a lot of these platforms will have a range of costs. Their individual advantages may justify their cost in the context of your campaign goals, but this is up to you. Most platforms will have a minimum budget spend and alongside the base costs of operating through it, there are the real-time ad bids. It is important they offer a clear view of where your budget is going, understanding the structure of pricing will help you eliminate more pricey options. 


The fact that programmatic is automated doesn’t mean it forgets about real business relationships. While DSPs will connect you to thousands of publishers, the most effective DSPs to optimise your campaign are ones that have developed real relationships with either SSP platforms or publishers. This will give you access to more exclusive placements and sometimes smaller prices. 

Your own relationship with the platform is also relevant to your partnership’s outcome. Engaging with a trustful and communicative platform will boost your success, you’ll know they are working with passion towards your marketing goals. As a unified SSP and DSP platform, Eskimi has developed strong relationships with both advertisers and publishers across the world, with many success stories that we can tell you all about.

Choose Eskimi 

Being fully informed is crucial in any business decision, and no less so with programmatic media. It is a complicated world, but an essential step to growing your brand awareness effectively and refine your understanding of your audience behaviour. At Eskimi, we have reduced the complexity of programmatic media campaigns with our premium AdOps managed service solutions. You can greatly boost your ROI with improved targeting and increased inventory, and it doesn’t have to be difficult, either. Eskimi runs a full house of programmatic management solutions with up-to-date, innovative technology, and we are always ready to sit down and work to realise your creative ideas together. Get in touch to learn more about what we can do for you.

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